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The government added 47 more apps last month to the list of 59 Chinese apps that were banned in India. A new report has now revealed the names of 15 of the newly-banned 47 apps. Among the list of. India bans 47 more Chinese apps – Check out the list of 47 new Chinese Apps banned by the government of India, 250 more apps including PUBG Mobile and apps linked to the Alibaba group are under.

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59 Chinese apps ban: Full list of Chinese apps. If you are wondering which Chinese apps have been banned by the Indian government, here is the full list of Chinese apps banned for your perusal: 1. TikTok 2. Shareit 3. Kwai 4. UC Browser 5. Baidu map 6. Shein 7. Clash of Kings 8. DU battery saver 9. Helo 10. Likee 11. YouCam makeup 12. Mi.

47 apps banned list in india in hindi. After India banned 59 apps with Chinese links for engaging in activities which are "prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity" of the country last month, sources on Monday said that the government has banned 47 more apps. According to sources, these apps are clones of the previously banned apps. India News: भारत ने चीन के 47 और ऐप को बैन (china app ban in india) कर दिया है। इससे पहले चीन के 59 ऐप बैन किए जा चुके हैं। इन ऐप पर यूजर्स का डेटा चोरी का आरोप लगा था। अब जिन ऐप्स को. A source privy to the development said that 'Mi Browser Pro' is in the list of additional 47 Chinese apps which were banned by India last month. When contacted, a Xiaomi spokesperson said the company "continues to comply and adhere to all data privacy and security requirements under the Indian law.

According to an order issued on Friday, July 24, the ban will be extended to 47 Chinese apps which were clones of the previously banned 59 Chinese apps. The new list of 47 banned apps will be released soon and is most likely to include alternatives or lite versions of the apps that were previously banned in the country on June 29. Trending in India; As India bans 47 more Chinese apps, memes and jokes flood social media; As India bans 47 more Chinese apps, memes and jokes flood social media The move to ban the apps was seen as a retaliatory step taken by the Indian government due to the tense situation between India and China, which led to the death of 20 Indian Army. The government has banned 47 apps of Chinese origin in India. The new move comes just weeks after the ban of 59 initial Chinese apps that took place just late last month.

The Indian government has banned 47 more Chinese apps in India over alleged privacy violations. The official list of apps will be released soon.The Indian government has prepared a list of 250. These 47 banned app clones include Tiktok Lite, Helo Lite, SHAREit Lite, BIGO LIVE Lite, and VFY Lite, news agency ANI reported. India has also prepared a list of over 250 Chinese apps, including apps linked to Alibaba, that it will examine for any user privacy or national security violations, government sources told India Today TV. The list. The Indian Government has banned 47 new apps that were allowing access to the banned Chinese apps. A lot of 'Lite' versions of the banned apps were spotted. There is a list of 275 apps under.

Here is the full list of Chinese apps that now stand banned in India. 1. TikTok. 2. Shareit. 3. Kwai. 4. UC Browser. 5. Baidu map 6. Shein 7. Clash of Kings 8. DU battery saver 9. Helo 10. Likee. 47 Chinese apps banned: Indian rivals to banned apps support govt’s decision. After banning 59 Chinese apps last month the government of India announced the ban of 47 clones of already banned China-owned applications.Indian alternatives of these Chinese apps support the ban and want users to move to apps developed by Indians for Indians. The Indian government banned 47 more Chinese apps in the country. The list of the 47 Chinese applications will be released soon.This development comes after India banned 59 Chinese applications last month, as tensions escalated between both the countries after the deadly June 15 Galwan clash, which left 20 Indian soldiers dead.

47 Chinese clone apps: చైనా యాప్స్‌పై భారత్ మరోసారి ఉక్కుపాదం మోపింది. జూన్‌లో నిషేధించిన 59 చైనీస్ యాప్స్‌కి క్లోన్ అయిన 47 చైనీస్ యాప్‌లను ( China apps ) భారత్. India to ban 47 apps which are acting as clones of previously banned Chinese apps.. We still do not have an official list of all the apps that will be banned, neither do we have an official. Last month India banned 59 Chinese apps including the wildly popular TikTok, citing a need for "data sovereignty." Now the country has booted a further 47, and is reviewing 275 more for potential.

The Indian government has decided to ban 47 Chinese 'clone' apps including SHAREit Lite and TikTok Lite. The apps have been banned in the country because of violations of user privacy and national. The newly banned 47 apps were essentially clones of the original banned Chinese apps that were spread across the app stores in India. The new Chinese 47 apps ban has been issued since these apps were doing the same thing as the original banned Chinese apps under a new name. The authorities haven’t revealed the list of the banned apps as of.

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