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AirTV Mini is a streaming device that plugs directly into your TV’s HDMI port as a way to get streaming video. It adds Sling TV, Netflix, Google Assistant, Android TV apps like YouTube, and. Here is a hands-on review we did with the AirTV 2: Here is how Sling TV describes the app: How it Works. AirTV solves the biggest problems associated with OTA antennas like wiring multiple rooms and finding the right spot to get the best possible TV signal. AirTV connects with your home Wi-Fi to stream local OTA channels to every internet.

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I then used the AirTV app (via iOS in my case) to connect the unit to my Wi-Fi, and synced it my account on the SlingTV app. After a quick channel scan, about a dozen new over-the-air channels.

Airtv app review. The AirTV app combines some of the world's best feeds and new stories into one convenient location. Make sure you stay up to date with the latest and best podcasts, your favorite sports news or the latest in technology. Read more. Collapse. Reviews Review Policy. 2.7. 21 total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. AirTV Review 2020- Is it Worth Getting? Published. 3 months ago. on.. All you have to do is download the AirTV app and you should be good to go. It is really hard to quantify the performance of this thing mainly because its performance depends on the device that you are using to enjoy its services. But, after you’ve set everything up and. AirTV 2 review AirTV 2 sends free local TV channels straight to your phone or tablet… after an arduous setup process. (There’s also an AirTV app which worked for the original device, but.

The AirTV works with the Sling Tv app, that allows you to stream both free and paid content to your tablet/mobile device or on to your TV using streaming devices like Roku, Apple TV, etc. You set up the AirTV 2 with either an Android Phone or an iPhone, with the SlingTV App on that phone. I set up the AirTV 2 with my iPhone. The Channels that the AirTV 2 finds does not show up in the guide on the SlingTV app on the iPhone. Only way to see those channels is to go to your Roku. The AirTV Player is a streaming box. It does its job well. It's functional, has plenty of app support, and works well. Of course, you can say that about a lot of streaming boxes – and that's the.

AirTV Review (2020). You'll be stuck with the sub-par AirTV app if you're on Apple TV. One last trick: You can use the AirTV app while you're away from home. You'll be limited to one stream at a time, and chances are it won't look the best. But it does work. Live over-the-air TV on the AirTV app. Enter a name for your AirTV (will be displayed in the App Settings), then select Start Scan. Enter the zip code the AirTV is located The App will remind you at this time to connect an OTA antenna. An antenna can be connected during any previous step Selecting Next will initiate a channel scan The AirTV will scan for channels based on your zip code and pull in guide data fromo the internet, at which point you can use the Sling TV app on other devices to watch. Jared Newman / IDG

AirTV Review: Lets Sling Viewers Take Antenna Channels Anywhere. Then, using either the Sling TV or AirTV app on Android or iOS, you follow a few simple prompts to connect your AirTV to your. AirTV Player review The AirTV is the Sling TV box nobody asked for By Brendan Hesse. those without Sling TV will have to download a separate app to view OTA channels via the Android TV. AirTV 2 review: Cut cable, stream local antenna TV with no monthly fee The $99 over-the-air tuner box is especially useful to Sling TV subscribers but the inability to pause live TV limits its appeal.

AirTV is a unique device that allows you to stream local channels to any connected device over your home WiFi network. Users simply have to connect one HD antenna to the device and all of the devices on their home network can view these channels including TVs and mobile devices. You will have to use the Sling TV or AirTV app to access the channels. AirTV review: Send live TV broadcasts all over your house—and to your mobile devices, too This set-top box distributes over-the-air TV on your Wi-Fi network and to anywhere else you have. Supported devices: AirTV Player, Roku, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, iOS and Android devices (AirTV use only). Download the FREE Sling app (No subscription needed for local channels). *Local channels signal availability varies based on location.

A word of warning to any other Apple-centric users: all of my TVs have AppleTVs and the tvOS SlingTV app doesn't yet support AirTV (1 or 2). I also found that the iOS version of the AirTV app doesn't seem to want to recognize/set up an AirTV2 which prevents you from viewing any of the OTA content on the tvOS devices. AirTV Player is essentially an Android TV player, but AirTV is a dual network tuner. AirTV Player is a full-fledged streaming device with access to all of the streaming apps and channels in the Google Play store while AirTV does not.. AirTV was created to solve one of the most common issues faced by cord cutters regarding streaming television services.

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