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3. AllTrails. Available for: Android and iOS. Website: AllTrails. The AllTrails hiking app has a good interface and comes with road, satellite and topographic map like the Gaia GPS app mentioned above. However, the AllTrails app provides you with much less information about your hike than the Gaia GPS app and has a less sophisticated. Explore the outdoors with AllTrails! Discover hiking, biking, backpacking and running trails around the world. Log your hike, run or mountain bike ride with our GPS activity tracker. Download offline maps, get to the trailhead and start your outdoor adventure. View trail maps to find that dog friendly or kid friendly trail that you’ve been searching for. Take that mountain biking, geocaching.

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The AllTrails app is best known for its trail search feature. You can search for many well-reviewed trails, typically day-hikes near your current location. The basic app allows track recording. Additional features—like offline maps in the app or plotting routes on the website—require a subscription.

Alltrails app review. Best Overall Hiking App: AllTrails AllTrails. AllTrails (Free) is the granddaddy of hiking apps, with over 100,000 trails in its database. Users within the AllTrails community can review the trails they’ve hiked, and beam about how lovely it was or if there is a hazard to watch out for. Searching for trails on the app is easy, and it has. AllTrails has the largest collection of detailed, hand-curated trail maps so you can hit the trail with confidence. Anytime. Anywhere.. App is amazing. I have found sooooo many trails that i had no idea were there.— Ryan B. Discover more trails you'll love. Continue in App. Get the App. AllTrails real-time-trail-information Best for country rambling Works with iOS, Android, web This is a handy app if you’re looking for “off the shelf” walks in a particular area.

The free AllTrails app is a refreshing return to basics. The app's clean and well organized menus are backed up by a solid set of useful features that will surely come in handy for hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, horseback riding, trail running, and other activities. AllTrails is my favorite app. It takes me places I would otherwise never go but am always glad I did. Greg Mardsen. San Francisco, California. AllTrails is really handy for finding new hikes and getting the 411 from other hikers who've previously completed a trail, with photos and written reviews. Taylor Borg. San Francisco, California. This app made me discover plenty of new wonderful trails ! Colin Thomas reviewed AllTrails — 4 star. June 14, 2018 · The software is super useful for mapping trails to hike, navigating on trail, and recording progress on a trail. It is still underdevelopment though, and from time to time, I'll check in and find that the interface has changed.

The latest version of the app offers a real-time map of the sky, 3D models of constellations, augmented reality and even a section for astronomical news. If you have kiddos, or just want to gaze upward in wonderment, this is the app for you. Download for iPhone or Android. 4. AllTrails. Searching for a little-known hiking trail? A scenic spot. AllTrails is not a good app. The hike descriptions are short and vague and can easily lead someone into undertaking a hike they are not adequately prepared for. And it does not cover “just about every hiking trail in the United States.” There are large swaths of national forest with miles of hiking trails and AllTrails shows just one or two. AllTrails Mobile App Review. Nothing beats spending time in the great outdoors, and the AllTrails app helps you do exactly that. With an enormous database of trails and paths, this app makes it easy to escape sedentary city life get a breath of fresh air. You can throw away your compass and replace it with your smartphone or tablet because the.

In our review of AllTrails vs Gaia GPS, each hiking app is a clear-cut winner for different types of adventures.. AllTrails and Gaia came upon the scene around the same time — 2010 and 2009 respectively.. AllTrails had me sold. The app is the epitome of user-friendly. Scrolling through trail options is a breeze and recording is a synch. Via iPhone or Android app: Open the AllTrails app; Select the trail card for which you want to leave a review; On the trail details screen, below the 'Reviews' section, tap 'Write a review' (you can also tap on the three dots in the upper right hand corner and select 'Write Review') Tap on the number of stars to rate the trail The AllTrails app should be able to export that data into Apple Health for you. 2) The base app does not let you download any maps for off-line use. That is a basic need of any hiking app, because most of the time when you are hiking in remote areas you do not have a cell phone signal. So the app does not work unless you can have an off-line map.

AllTrails is a hiking and running app known for its guides to more than 50,000 trails across North America, including photos, reviews, and tracks. You can also record your tracks for others to view and follow. AllTrail's browse capability lets you locate trails closest to you. The community reviews are monitored by AllTrails and include an abundance of useful information and honest user feedback. ‎AllTrails is your guide to the outdoors! Discover the best hiking, running, and biking trails around the world. Explore 100,000+ hand-curated trail maps plus reviews and photos crowdsourced from millions of hikers, mountain bikers and trail runners. Find that dog-friendly or kid-friendly trail that… Every outdoor explorer needs AllTrails on their phone. The app catalogs over 75,000 trails across the United States and Canada, with handy filters to search trails by skill level, accessibility.

Explore the outdoors with AllTrails! Discover nature with hiking, biking, backpacking and running trails around the world. Log your hike, walk, run or mountain bike ride with our GPS activity tracker. Looking for a good spot for camping or backpacking? The AllTrails community is a great place to get inspired. View trail maps to find that kid friendly or dog friendly trails that you’ve been. ty31384's Review of Alltrails. Reviewed on 9/24/18 1:02 AM. So I’ve used the app twice as of today, both for hikes in Georgia. On my second hike, the app told me I couldn’t check-in because I wasn’t at the trailhead. Upon looking at the map, my blue GPS dot was directly on top of the trail start dot.

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