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Refund An iOS App. If you’ve accidentally purchased an app, you need to open it at least once before you can claim a refund. Open the app, let the splash screen load, and you’re goo to go. Next, visit the Apple Report A Problem page and sign in with the same Apple ID you used to purchase the app. Go to the Apps tab and click the ‘Report a. As I was getting ready to request a refund, it seems there’s no way to receive one unless you accidentally bought the app or you bought the wrong one. An app refusing to open despite the store saying your system is compatible is apparently not a good enough reason. But ok, I’ll play. I type in an excuse about buying the wrong game.

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Apple or its trade-in partners reserve the right to refuse or limit any Trade In transaction for any reason. In‑store trade‑in requires presentation of a valid, government-issued photo ID (local law may require saving this information).

Apple app refund chat. Apple’s support team can answer any questions that you have about Apple products, hardware (iPhone, iPad, etc), software (iOS, macOS, FaceTime, Pages, etc) and services (iCloud, Apple Music, iMessage, etc.). Please note that live chat is available, although it may not be available in all countries. How to access Apple live chat support 1. ‎Say Hi to your new FREE Live Chat Customer Support. Read typing previews. Video call. 10000+ Companies all around the world are using Customerly Live Chat Software. A Live Chat Software, an email marketing tool for your Marketing Automations for your beautiful website or e-commerce. TRY YOUR F… I tried various times to get a refund at report a problem section, but I was continuously notified that my request for refund does not meet their policy for refund. I was wondering why I couldn’t get a refund for an accidental purchase. I did not use the app since the very first day of the free trial, for I request a refund. I hope things.

bloomua/123rf There are many reasons why you might want a refund for something you purchased from the Apple App Store or iTunes. If you need to get a refund on an app, game, movie, TV show, music. Method 4: From Apple Support. You also have the option to contact Apple Support via email for a refund. Just visit Apple's iTunes Support site to get started.. You can select pretty much any of the choices, depending on what the purchase actually was (Mac app, iBook, etc.), then select the most applicable option. Apple Online Store. is a convenient place to purchase Apple products and accessories from Apple and other manufacturers. You can buy online or call (800) MY–APPLE (800–692–7753).. You can get information about an order you placed on the Apple Online Store through the Order Status page. If you prefer, you can also get order status or make changes by phone at (800) 692–7753.

Source: iMore. You should hear back from Apple within a few days to a week with whether your request for a refund is approved. Note on refunds. App Store refunds typically take a day or two to process and you might get contacted by Apple support to verify the reason for the request. The website offers an easy way to chat directly with Apple Support 2. Use the Apple Support App. The Apple Support app provides an almost identical service to that offered from the Apple Support website. The key difference being that it’s a smoother experience for iOS users. This is particularly useful if your Mac isn’t working! I signed up for the free trial of an app yesterday and was charged the full amount of $10.81. I want my money back. I followed the refund request instructions and it doesn't really even give me that option so I would like to speak to someone today ASAP and get my money back. Is there a support chat or a number I can call??

Apple Refusing to refund accidental $50 purchase I was using my phone today and there was an in-app as popped up for a paid subscription. There was a slight delay and when I hit my home button, it ended up letting the payment go through even though I had no intention of making the purchase. Original 8/1: The official Dark Sky app for Android was originally scheduled to stop working on July 1st. Ahead of that deadline, the phone/tablet and Wear OS clients were pulled from the Play. Go to Sign in with your Apple ID and password. If you see the "Report" or "Report a Problem" button next to the item that you want to request a refund for, click it. Follow the instructions on the page to choose the reason why you want a refund and submit your request.

In other words, Apple seems willing to refund App Store "mistakes," at least based on a recent experience I had. Just one problem: There's no obvious way to request that refund — until you know. Contact Apple support by phone or chat, set up a repair, or make a Genius Bar appointment for iPhone, iPad, Mac and more. Global Nav Open Menu Global Nav Close Menu;. Use the Apple Support app to find answers about your products, talk to an expert, or make a repair reservation. Download the Apple Support app. More topics. Super Chat voluntary payments are non-refundable. If you notice an unauthorised Super Chat charge on your account, please contact our support team. If you purchased a Super Chat on an iOS device, you'll need to contact Apple Support to request a refund. Apple's own refund policy will apply.

While Apple might not make a big deal about it, getting a refund from the App Store is not only possible, it’s pretty easy to do. Whether you’re requesting a refund for an in-app purchase or a whole app, the process is the same. It’s worth remembering that even though refunds are possible, this is not a means to get a free trial—Apple. Find the item or app you want a refund on and select the arrow on the right. Select Report a Problem at the bottom of the screen. You will be transferred to the Apple website where you may have to sign in again. Provide a reason for the refund request and add some information to help define the problem in the box underneath. Select Submit.

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