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The e-ticket produced in the app will inform the user the date, time and location of the liquor shop where he should reach.. Google has granted permission for the BevQ app for booking liquor. Last Updated: 27th May, 2020 18:06 IST BEVQ SMS Booking: How To Get E-token Of BEVQ Through SMS In Kerala The BEVQ SMS booking in Kerala will be a helpful way for all those customers who want to buy liquor who do not have access to the BEVQ app. Find out more.

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Kerala beverages app Live Updates- after the Launch, BevQ app was downloaded by 1 lakh users within one hour. Users are claiming that they are not getting the OTP or one-time password while registration. also, some users claimed that the app does not include the “option to choose a slot.” the company and Excise department of Kerala are currently working on this issue. the issue will be.

Bevq app booking time. BevQ App Download: Kerala State government has launched the BEVCO app, BevQ App for the virtual queue system (E-TOKEN) for online liquor. People can buy liquor online using the Bevco app now. Know how to check Bev Q app download or BEVCO app Download has undergone a trial run and now the Bevco Online App can be downloaded through Google Play Store. Bevq App Booking Time : BevQ Bevco App Token Opening Date, Price List, Website News – Beverages Corporation is looking at the possibility of online sale of liquor in Kerala state. Bevco is gearing up for Virtual Queue Q System for online sale of foreign liquor. Step 1: Download BevQ app from Play Store. Step 2: Enter name, mobile number, and pin code. Step3: Place the order to buy liquor through the app. You will receive an e-token and a QR code on your.

Kerala BevQ mobile app download, Bev q mobile app, Bevq mobile app play store, BevQ SMS Token Booking,Bevco Virtual Q App,BEVQ App, BevQ Online liquor booking. Bevco App. The government of Kerala has now released a special app for the booking of liquor through online. This BEVQ app is used for the b BevQ app booking time is limited. BevQ app finally released on 28th May after a long wait. Malayalis across the internet are thanking Sundar Pichai and Google for approving the app on Play Store. BevQ app reached 100,000 downloads on the first day of its release. It is also for the first time that the State Government is selling liquor since. Booking Confirmation. Upon confirmation of the booking, the subscriber will receive a confirmation page containing the date and time of the queue number and details of the outlet. The subcommittee can use the QR code to scan the details. The beta version of the app has been made available in the Play Store.

BevQ is a virtual queue application and token generator service provided by Kerala state beverages corporation ltd. In order to maintain the social distancing especially in this COVID-19 scenario this app can be used by the client to book a queue number and an e-token for assuring his place in the queue in a specified time slot. Kerala BEVCO is the owner and manager of the BevQ App. The BevQ Android app will be available for download soon, but at the moment it is not clear whether this app will be made available for iOS devices.. Today’s booking on BevQ app is over. BevQ : Things to know before booking liquor at BevQ app. This time 88.78% of children have passed in the 12th standard. CBSE 10th result will be. This BevQ liquor app will be performing with respect to the local Pincode of the user’s area. besides, the e-ticket given in the app will notify the user of the exact date, time as well as the location of the liquor shop wherever he/she should join. Oh. Wow.

BEVCO Kerala BEVQ App Download APK Link from Play Store (New Version Released) & App Store, SMS Number Format Here: Kerala State Beverages Corporation(BEVCO) Limited has announced the BEV Q mobile app for online liquor queue token purchase. The main objective of this beverages app is to sell drinks in Kerala state, Interested Malayalees can order online through the SMS and BEVCO App APK. The app will not only be useful to those who wish to buy alcohol, but also to the ones who sell it. The BevQ app can be installed from the Google Play Store to generate token and make online bookings for alcohol in Kerala. It is important to note here that the booking will be accepted only between 6 am to 10 pm. Also Read: What is Booking Time for BevQ App? What Is BevQ App. BevQ aims to avoid over-crowding of the people by allowing them time slots of 15 mins max for the purchase of liquor. This was the main reason why the Kerala State Government came up with this idea. After testing the app for security and backend process, Mr. K Vishnu, CEO of.

BevQ App Liquor Booking Timing People of Kerala State who want to buy liquor, then need to register online first and government has fixed the booking timing. The liquor booking timing is 12 noon to 07 pm (new) (Old Timing 06 am to 10 pm). The Bev Q app will provide a token which will specify a time frame in which liquor can be procured from the nearest outlet identified using pincode entered. The customer can produce this Kerala Bevco liquor booking token to the related Beverages outlets and collect the liquor. Kerala BevQ App Download Link BEVCO online booking Queue token Kerala BevQ App download: Kerala is going to begin liquor sales in their state from Thursday first time since the shops have been shut down due to a nationwide lockdown implemented in March 2020.

Kerala BEVCO BevQ App Download {Link Released} for Liquor Shop Token Queue System Website, Booking Order Liquor by SMS Contact Number & Price List Here: The Kerala State Beverage Corporation (KSBC) was working on a virtual queue system to avoid the rush from liquor shop in the COVID-19 lockdown period.Kerala BEVCO Department developed a BEV Q App to provide time slots token for customers who. But buyers will have to register on the BevQ app for making alcohol purchases in the state. Here’s everything that you need to know about the BevQ booking time. Everything to know about BevQ app. According to a report by an online portal, BevQ app will be used to generate e-tokens for the sale of liquor in Kerala state.

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