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Those who want to purchase liquor from the Beverages outlets in Kerala can download the BevQ mobile app from the google play store and install it in the mobile to use. They can book liquor through this app. The Bev Q app will provide a token which will specify a time frame in which liquor can be procured from the nearest outlet identified using. New Delhi: BevQ, Kerala’s newly-developed mobile app which will introduce a virtual queue system for liquor sale was approved by Google Tuesday. The app will soon be available for download on the Google Play Store. It was developed by a Kochi-based startup called Faircode Technologies Private Limited to avoid reopening of liquor outlets and the serpentine queues outside them.

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BEV Q App Download From Play Store Link. This Bev Q Mobile App Downloading is to provide tokens to buy liquor in the absence of technical barriers will be available in Play Store and App Store from today. The trial has begun. Guidelines on App Usage will be released. With the approval of Google, Apple will start selling liquor tomorrow.

Bevq download play store app. BevQ App Download play store link. The Kerala government has prepared themself before they are going to open the liquor store in the state because they are aware from the situation that other states faced and they know if they open their stores without any planning then it’s going to be a herculean task for their police force to control the crowd because in almost every state we have seen. Kerala BevQ mobile app download, Bev q mobile app, Bevq mobile app play store, BevQ SMS Token Booking,Bevco Virtual Q App,BEVQ App, BevQ Online liquor booking. Bevco App. The government of Kerala has now released a special app for the booking of liquor through online. This BEVQ app is used for the b Autospa Hand Wash is an eco-friendly, hand car wash and detailing service based in Portland. Our company was founded back in 2005 by a team of experts with more then 10 years of professional car wash experience.

BevQ App Download from Playstore : Beverages Corporation is looking for online sale of liquor in the state. Bevco is gearing up for online sale of foreign liquor. This is the first time in kerala the government is implementing a virtual queue system for liquor sales. The App name is "BevQ". It is available in the Playstore. A fake BevQ app is also doing rounds on Google Play Store BevQ, the virtual queue management app for liquor sale in Kerala has reportedly received Google's nod to go live on Play Store. More than one lakh users downloaded the app in seven hours from Play Store, though the app is not still directly traceable with a simple Bev Q search. This is the third iteration or the version of BevQ since the successful test. Some technical experts say the glitches like failure to get One-Time Password (OTP) could be due to overload.

Bee Que Kerala Online Booking App Tips and Guide's Bee Que Liquor Online Booking Guide's This App is Not Booking App Guide Line For Kerala BEVCO Liquor Online Booking, Kerala BEVCO Liquor Online Booking App Guide Apps Bee Que App Is BEVCO Mobile app download, BEV Q App Download on Google play Store This is Guide For Kerala BEVCO Beverages Liquor Online Booking, Bevq app Online Booking BEVCO. Bevq App Download Play Store : BevQ Bevco App Token Opening Date, Price List, Website News – Beverages Corporation is looking at the possibility of online sale of liquor in Kerala state. Bevco is gearing up for Virtual Queue Q System for online sale of foreign liquor. BevQ App Download: Kerala State government has launched the BEVCO app, BevQ App for the virtual queue system (E-TOKEN) for online liquor. People can buy liquor online using the Bevco app now. Know how to check Bev Q app download or BEVCO app Download has undergone a trial run and now the Bevco Online App can be downloaded through Google Play Store. Get more details about the BEVCO app by.

BEVCO Kerala BEVQ App Download APK Link from Play Store (New Version Released) & App Store, SMS Number Format Here: Kerala State Beverages Corporation(BEVCO) Limited has announced the BEV Q mobile app for online liquor queue token purchase. The main objective of this beverages app is to sell drinks in Kerala state, Interested Malayalees can order online through the SMS and BEVCO App APK. BevQ, Kerala’s liquor sale virtual queue management app, is finally available to download via Google Play Store for Android users. The much-awaited Kerala beverages app is provided by Kerala. BevQ, Bev Q app will be available to download for free from the Google Play Store and App Store from today at 03:30 PM and liquor sale will start from May 28, 2020. The Bevq app download link is being updated below.

The BevQ app will soon be available for download via Google Play Store for Android users. Of course, it will only be useful for people in Kerala. There is no update yet on when the app will make it to the Apple App Store for iPhone users. The app is available fro FREE on Google Playstore and Apple App Store. The users will be allowed to download it for further use, as per the guidelines provided by the State. How to use BevQ App. First download it from the App Play Store. Search BevQ in the Play Store and get the app link. Or click on the link given above to download. BevQ is a virtual queue application and token generator service provided by Kerala state beverages corporation ltd. In order to maintain the social distancing especially in this COVID-19 scenario this app can be used by the client to book a queue number and an e-token for assuring his place in the queue in a specified time slot. Kerala BEVCO is the owner and manager of the BevQ App.

BevQ Liquor Online booking apps features and review. The app is built and people all over the world can download for free of cost from the iOS app store and in Google play store. Google and Apple are supporting the same in terms of social distancing strategy put forwarding by Kerala government of this app. BevQ App E-Token for Liquor order: The BevQ app has launched and is available at the google play store to download for android users.The BevQ app generates e-tokens that need to be shown at the liquor store to purchase alcohol. citizens of Kerala are now able to download the Mobile BevQ App to purchase the liquor through online mode until the lockdown is lifted.

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