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this app can be the new tiktok there's so much potential here in this app. i think tiktok's meteoric rise kind of overshadowed this app's creation, but to be fair who could've predicted tiktok's popularity. this app is functionally the same format as tiktok, but there are some neat new features like profile theme colors and color-changing text (and IT WON'T MINE YOUR DATA LIKE TIKTOK which is. The new app launched on Android and iOS on Friday Dom Hofmann, the co-founder of the defunct six-second video platform Vine has announced the release of the app's successor: Byte. U.S.

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Byte. Byte was developed by Vine co-founder Dom Hoffman. Since the app is still new, it's currently only available on Android and iOS.Even though Byte had a run-in with bots shortly after launch.

Byte app vine android. Dom Hofmann, the co-creator of Vine who has been quietly working on a successor to the short-form video platform, says the new app, called Byte, is available now on iOS and Android.The app has. One of Vine's founders Dom Hofmann launched a reimagined version of the short-form video app on iOS and Android on Friday. As early as Sunday, users reported being greeted by a slew of bots. Back in 2016, Twitter killed 6-second looping video service Vine. Two years later, its co-founder teased a return. A Byte launch on Android and iOS…

Now, Vine is back. Kind of. Dom Hofmann, a co-creator of the original Vine, has reimagined it as a new app, called Byte, which debuted today. It's available on iOS and Android. And it already has some of that old Vine feel, as you can see from some of the videos above. So welcome back, Vine. Or Byte, if you prefer. It's like you never left. Vine 2 is a looping video app that is similar to Tik Tok. Vine 2 app is Known as a Byte Vine app. Vine is back after so many years. Dom Hofmann, a co-creator of the original Vine, has renamed it as a new app, called Byte, which is released today. Byte unexpectedly launched on Friday afternoon for iOS and Android … and was almost immediately overrun by spam. Like the original version of Vine, Byte allows users to film and upload six.

Functionally, Byte is very much like Vine, which, by extension, means that it's also similar to TikTok, though as noted by TechCrunch, Byte, at launch, lacks any of the additional remix, AR and effects tools available on the rising video app. TikTok also allows for longer uploads, which could give it an edge – although Vine's 6-second time limit definitely worked in its favor first time around. Byte: A New Vine In TikTok's World. Twitter shut down video-sharing app Vine more than three years ago, but now it's returning in the form of Byte and with TikTok as its biggest competitor. byte is a video app for communities. find your thing, connect with new people, and share your world.

History Vine. Byte's predecessor, which is named Vine, was founded in June 2012. It was acquired under the name by Twitter in October 2012. It underwent a staggered update on iOS, Android and Windows Phone throughout much of 2013. It was shut down as a new standalone platform by Twitter in January 2017, disallowing all new videos to be uploaded, but being able to maintain the service within. Two years after Vine’s co-founder Dom Hofmann announced he was building a successor to the short-form video app, today Byte makes its debut on iOS and Android. Byte lets you shoot or upload and. a video app organized around creative communities. video communities iOS Android

Byte was made available in iOS and Android app stores last week following more than two years of operating in beta and building anticipation. The app is led by Vine cofounder Dom Hofmann, who saw. Vine successor Byte is now available to download on iOS, Android Share Tweet Bytes’ bigges­t compet­itor is TikTok that has dethro­ned Facebo­ok to become the second most downlo­aded app in. Byte’s most ambitious tool, though, is the computer — an app launcher within the app that lets you pull a variety of images, text, and memes into your Bytes.

But Vine co-founder Dom Hofmann still believes in the format and has been working on a successor for a long time. After an extensive beta phase , this new product, Byte, is now official and stable. — byte (@byte_app) January 25, 2020 The development of byte was actually happening from the past two years and today the official announcement has suddenly taken the internet by storm again. Even “Vine” and “byte” were trending worldwide today on Twitter.

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