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reg 1000 (rev. 1/2019) www application for clean air vehicle decals mail to: department of motor vehicles special processing unit – ms d238 p. o. box 932345, sacramento, ca 94232-3450 A carpool consists of two types of participants: "captains" and "members". Captains are responsible for creating a carpool application, inviting members to the carpool, submitting the carpool application for approval, full payment of the carpool permit, and financial responsibility for any citations issued to the carpool.

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On-street carpool permits are sent monthly via the mail only. SmartPark Garage carpool permits are issued via an access card which will be sent in the mail. How do I renew my carpool permit? On-street carpool permits renewal forms are mailed with monthly permits. Payment and application is due by the 20th of the month for the proceeding month.

Carpool application. While carpooling isn’t new, Waze Carpool is a fresh way to share the road and the cost of commuting. A cost-effective alternative to rideshare services, Carpool lets you choose to drive or ride with people already going your way. Use the Waze app to drive, and the Waze Carpool app to catch a ride. Happy carpooling! Carpool Application See application for carpool rules and regulations. If you are interested in applying for a carpool permit, fill out the printable application and return it to the University Police Department at the corner of W. 2nd & Chestnut Streets or by calling 530-898-5555 . Have a look at Top 10 Carpool Apps in India for 2019 1. BlaBlaCar. BlaBlaCar is one of the popular carpool apps in India that was started in 2013. It was developed taking the festival season into consideration when trains and buses are already packed and rates cab services soaring high due to increase in demand.

Carpool Registration Application Thank you for your interest in registering your carpool! We greatly value your decision to share the ride, reduce traffic congestion and lower emissions on campus. Carpool Permit Application . APPLICANT 1: included – copy of CUID proof of residence copy of registration copy of driver’s license. I agree to abide by the Clemson University carpool parki ng regulations and South Carolina State Parking Regulations and to be responsible for all parking citations bearing a permit number issued to me. I will. Are you in need of a ride? Call 979-693-9905 | [email protected]

– Carpool permits can be used when there are two or more occupants in the vehicle at the time the vehicle pulls into the parking stall – A carpool permit holder is not required to carpool with a particular individual(s) but the permit holder must be present in vehicle with two occupants when pulling into the parking stall. Car Pool Party was designed to take the stress out of creating and managing a carpool. The app will look at the participants and the past history (if there is one) and determine who drives and when. Commuter Student Carpool Application NOW AVAILABLE – Employee Carpool Program. Employee Carpool permits can be purchased for $180.00 per year. Carpoolers will share a single carpool permit and may park in the Carpool Lot 4. The program will allow between two and four individuals to enter into a carpool agreement.

(see back of this application for complete instructions). An incorrect address will delay the issuance of a carpool permit. By signing this form you are officially acknowledging the following: • All attachments and information provided on this form are true and correct. • Carpool permits are issued to individual carpool members. Carpool Permitting Process. Temporary permits are no longer issued.If the carpool leader and/or carpool members park on campus prior to submitting a carpool application, or prior to a carpool application being approved, a permit from iParq (Pay-By-The-Day) or one of the permit machines on campus must be purchased to have a valid permit for the day. Applications for Fall 2020 will open on August 19, 2020. Contact Ryan Sterling at [email protected] or his personal number (817) 586-9117 for further questions. Upcoming Events for Prospective Members For information,

Carpool Basics. For employee carpools, the primary driver and secondary participants must apply for the carpool. Once all the participants have registered in the carpool, the participants will be contacted by TPS staff with instructions for picking up the new parking permit. Application for Individual E-ZPass MA Account. You may also Sign-Up online. Application for Annual E-ZPass MA Carpool Program; AAA Northeast E-ZPass MA Application; Application for Annual E-ZPass MA Resident Program; Registry of Motor Vehicle E-ZPass MA Application; Commercial Applications Application for Commercial Account. You may also Sign. 1. Each carpool will have a "captain," who is the primary point of contact between Duke Parking & Transportation (PTS) and other group members. The captain will be responsible for any citations (tickets) issued to the carpool. The captain will be the first name listed on page 2 of the carpool application. 2.

all members of the carpool most resister with the commuter services office and obtain a validated carpool application. a carpool must consist of two (2) 0r more persons, commuting a minimum of three (3) days per week. the completed, validated application must be presented in person to the permit sales office. Each member of a carpool must be registered on a carpool application form, found below. Carpool spaces may be used by vehicles displaying a valid Carpool Permit from 7 a.m. until 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. Maximum of two carpool permits will be issued per Carpool Group. The permit may be laminated to help preserve it from wear and tear.

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