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Download Remove China App apk 1.0 for Android. Remove all china apps from your phone. The app has already received over 100k downloads and has received reviews from over 24,000 users. As of writing this article, the app has a solid 4.8-star rating on the Play Store. How to use Remove China Apps? 1. Download Remove china apps from play store. 2. Open the Apps after installation. 3. Click “scan china apps” 4.

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The urge to remove Chinese apps from smartphones and boycott Chinese products was ignited by PM Narendra Modi's 'Vocal for Local' initiative. This led to the arrival of the 'Remove China Apps' app.

China app remover iphone. Remove China Apps becomes top free app on Play Store Remove China Apps has 4.8 ratings on Google Play Store The app identifies the country of origin of pre-installed apps The anti-China sentiment is growing stronger in the midst of coronavirus pandemic. The impact of this sentiment is now evident in technology too. Recently, a new smartphone application called “Remove China Apps” surfaced on the Google Play Store.This is a tool to delete all Chinese apps from your phone. Its developers say it’s for “educational purposes only”, but the app is a. Remove China The app developer claims that the app was "developed for educational purposes" and allows users to identify the countries in which the apps are installed on their Android phones. As the name suggests, only apps developed by Chinese companies are identified, and users can uninstall them using the "Remove China" app.

After Mitron app, Remove China Apps removed from Google Play Store (Express photo: Sneha Saha) Earlier this week, Remove China Apps was taken down from Google Play Store. This was soon after the so-called India rival for TikTok — Mitron app — has been removed from Play Store. was the first to discover the removal of Remove China Apps application from Play Store. Time Pass Joker, Google Adsense, Tamil Rockers, Dubbed Movies, Apk, Historys, Education, Tamil Blogger, Tamil Tech Also, Read PUBG Mobile Beta Version 0.19.0 Full Details For Android And IOS. Remove China Apps App Download. Remove China apps App is fully available in the play store for your download. But for your convenience, we have added Remove China Apps App APK download link in our blog.This app is currently available for android devices but soon it will available for IOS too, Onc we get the IOS.

An app designed to remove Chinese apps from smartphones and tablets has been pulled from the Google Play Store.. The app, called 'Remove China Apps', garnered nearly five million downloads in. Remove China Apps, an Android app that claims to identify China-made apps on your Android phone and remove them, has gone viral in India. The app is currently at the top spot of Google Play’s. MORE FROM FORBES The Best Apple iPhone 11 Pro And iPhone 11 Pro Max Cases Available Now By David Phelan The apps are free to download but to use the service requires an in-app purchase. After a.

The App Lock by DoMobile is the top-rated app locking tool on Google Play Store. It is registered in Hong Kong, which has its own limited autonomy, compared to mainland China. However, as per the app’s privacy policy, it may read your photos, media, and other files, and use the mobile camera and microphone if required. Remove China Apps Download for Android | Chinese App Remover for Mobile App | APK Download in Jio Phone, IOS, IPhone, PC, Free Install: Remove China Apps is a tool to uninstall Chinese apps for android phones. Download and install this Android app from the Google Play Store to delete Chinese apps like TikTok, Xender, PUBG Mobile from your phone. It was the No. 3 paid app in China before removal, Sensor Tower said. It was the best-selling app in China at one point in January, according to the BBC. China is sensitive about apps and games

Bleave gained a lot of momentum amid anti-China sentiments but was later suspended from the Play Store. However, it’s now back in a new avatar. The app not only detects Chinese apps on your phone but also suggests their non-Chinese alternatives.. All you need to do is install the app and press scan, after which it’ll show you the list of made in China apps on your phone. Most of use these applications in our mobile phones . So first Download the OneTouch AppLabs China App Remover Application and eliminate all these applications and encourage the use of Indian Applications. Here is the in-depth information about Remove China Apps Remover Tool and how it works is written in clear guide. OneTouch AppLabs Remove. The popularity of the app is on the rise and is currently ranked number 2 on the list of top free apps on the Google Play Store. It also sports a 4.8-star rating and has already crossed a million downloads as of yet. The app is currently available only on Android. The ‘Remove China Apps’ is 3.5MB in size and can be downloaded for free.

The app basically allowed users to scan their phones for any Chinese apps and uninstall them in order to support the anti-China movement. The app was later removed from the Play Store as it was. Remove China Apps, an app that gained popularity in India in recent weeks and did exactly what its name suggests, has been pulled from the Play Store. The top trending app in India, which was.

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