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This soup, made with ya li Asian pears, dried figs, and a few simple Chinese herbs, is a gentle nourishing tonic that moistens the lungs and skin from the inside out. And if you have a dry cough or dry throat, this soup is especially suitable for you. That is because this soup uses several Chinese herbs that work synergistically to moisturize. Chinese Apple Herbal Soup Ingredients. Since this soup is not as common as Chinese chicken herbal soup or Chinese six herbs soup, I never find pre-packaged soup packets for this.I hope the ingredients photo gives a good idea on what each ingredient look like in case you are interested to hunt them down on your next visit to Asian grocers or Chinatown 🙂

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In direct translation from Chinese classical texts, steam pears with rock sugar have the benefits of to reduce phlegm, clear heat, moisten the lung, and cool the heart. To put this in the modern context, steam pears with rock sugar can help to reduce swollen throat, smooth irritation at throat, reduce cough (especially loud ones), prevent.

Chinese apple soup for cough. Home > Examination and Diagnosis > Internal Medicine > Stop Coughing With Chinese Remedies > Chinese Dietary Advice on Coughs and the Recipes: Chinese Dietary Advice on Coughs and the Recipes: According to Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the lungs are vulnerable organs, in which the flow of qi can easily be disturbed, leading to cough or other problems. . Appropriate self management is. Nov 23, 2016 – Traditional Chinese apple soup for a cough. Nov 23, 2016 – Traditional Chinese apple soup for a cough. Nov 23, 2016 – Traditional Chinese apple soup for a cough. Stay safe and healthy. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. This Snow fungus and pear sweet soup is good for treating dry cough as snow fungus helps to nourish the body, lungs, and stomach. dottee Food – dessert.. Chinese Apple Herbal Soup.

This recipe is given by my TCM doctor, to help soothe my children's cough. He said that it can be drank even you do not have cough, it generally nourishes the lungs. You can use red apple or Chinese pear (not the European pear, see here for photos). The chuan bei mu (川贝母), North and South Almonds (南杏, 北杏) can be purchased from any Chinese medicine shop, such as 福华,正中平. A delectable way to use windfall apples and a comforting low calorie soup that will be enjoyed by all the family. This soup is delicious when served with crusty bread, although for those following the 5:2 diet or the Weight Watchers diet, this soup is wonderful on its own and is a tasty and very low 100 calories a bowl. Apple and Pear Pork Rib Soup (清热苹果雪梨排骨汤) is one of my favourite soup ~ made with Apple, pear, almond kernels, honey dates, wolfberries and pork rib. Natural sweetness from the fruits elevated the complexity of the soup, in addition to the richness of the broth from the bones after hours of rolling boil.

If you have a dry cough or dry throat, this soup is especially suitable for you. This is also one of my favourite soups in this hot and humid island. The original recipe for this soup use Chinese pears [雪梨] but we have changed it slightly to use apples. The reason is simple, because we… Hot soup made mostly from vegetables is a tasty treatment as well. Treating a Wind Dryness Cough with Traditional Chinese Medicine. This type of cough is typically contracted after exposure to a dry environment. Different from a chronic dry cough caused by a deficiency of lung yin (often from smoking), in this case the dryness of the air allows. A traditional Chinese home remedy for cough relief. Steamed or boiled pear with rock sugar is a delightful dessert very easy to prepare. We all love to receive a special treat from time to time. I still remember pretending to have a bad cough and looking forward to the sweet home remedy that my mum prepared. Most of the time I got away with my.

If you don’t fancy cooking fruits with meat, you can turn this soup into a delicious apple drink. Make this soup sans pork and add some rock sugar towards the end of the cooking time. Other Chinese soup to soothe cough and sore throat include Pear Soup and Lo Han Guo with Watercress Soup. Serve this soup on its own or with some steamed rice. Chinese Apple Soup with Pork Ribs – Souper Diaries – Suppe Soup for cough. Apple soup with pork ribs helps to soothe cough and sore throat. Delicious Pork Soup Recipes Potato & Carrots With Pork – Soup Recipe Pork Soup Recipes. When I was a kid, I always look forward to weekend as my mom will cook real good food for us. My Grandma's amazingly simple home made soup has actually been an herbal cure for hundreds of years in China! Besides providing truly delicious nourishment for a weakened body, this Chinese Pear Herbal Tonic Soup will help to sooth away your cough and clear away that yucky phlegm.

For chronic cough due to internal injury with wheezing: pinellia, cinnamon, ginger, peony and licorice are used to clear lungs, strengthen the spleen, alleviate cough and resolve sputum. Food cures for cough due to excessive heat type are Chinese pear, white turnip, sugar cane juice and steamed papaya with honey. Other soups that help to soothe sore throats and cough: Luo Han Guo with Watercress Soup Apple Pork Ribs Soup. If you love eating fruits, try this delicious Green Papaya Fish Soup too. It is especially good for breastfeeding women but can also be taken by everyone else. 🙂 Other Chinese soup recipes with fruits you may like: Roasted Pumpkin. Aug 14, 2016 – Chinese pear soup recipe with pork ribs. This soup for cough also help soothe your throat and lungs and has anti-aging properties.

1 small Dried (Sugar Coated) Tangerine “Gan Ju Bing” (干桔饼) 8 – 10 Dried Figs “Wu Hua Guo” (无花果) 1 pot of water, 50% filled (about 800ml). Optional: 200 grams of lean pork meat or ribs, blanched Pinch of salt to taste **If opted for adding these, you may wish to reduce the dried tangerine to half a piece instead, depending on how sweet you want the soup to taste. Chinese Apple Soup Edna has been suffering from coughs for the past 5 days, and the poor dear has been miserable through the night, waking up to cough. Therefore, I was happy to find this Chinese Apple soup recipe, because apparently the soup is cooling and good for dealing with phlegms.

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