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We are closed on some Japanese national holidays, Saturdays, Sundays and New Zealand national holidays. Please see here for a list of our public holidays. Be aware of fraudulent websites, social media, emails in an attempt to extract payments from visa applicants (06 July,2017) Options for the partner of a New Zealand citizen or resident Living and/or working in New Zealand. If the ultimate goal is to live together permanently in New Zealand, the overseas partner will need to obtain a resident visa.

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New Zealand nationality law determines who is and who is not a New Zealand citizen. The status of New Zealand citizenship was created on 1 January 1949 by the British Nationality and New Zealand Citizenship Act 1948.Prior to this date, New Zealanders were only British subjects and New Zealand had the same nationality legislation as the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth countries (see also.

Citizen apply nz. New Zealand Permanent Residents are residents of New Zealand, who hold a permanent resident visa, which – superficially seen – makes them equal to New Zealand citizens.A permanent resident visa must not be confused with a resident visa. This article refers to the terms “resident” and “permanent resident” only in the scope of immigration purposes and describes the current situation. You can apply for an IRD number for your child if: you hold a residency visa that includes your child; your child has a student visa and you have a guardianship visa for that child. If you're a New Zealand citizen applying for your child's IRD number, you'll need to use the process for 'living in New Zealand and not a new arrival'. If you are a New Zealand citizen and you are looking at buying a standard residential property, you do not need Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) approval. It’s the exact same process for a New Zealand citizen to buy a property in Australia, as an Australian citizen buying a property in Australia and there are no additional taxes.

To apply by descent means one of your parents is a New Zealand citizen. To apply by grant means you gain citizenship by establishing residency in New Zealand, which requires having a series of visas and living in New Zealand before you can gain citizenship. Steps. Part 1 of 4: You stayed in New Zealand for at least 184 days during each of the 2 years before you apply. You have New Zealand tax residence status. You’ve invested at least NZ$1,000,000 in New Zealand. You’ve opened a business in New Zealand in the past year or purchased at least a 25% stake in an existing business. NZ citizen / permanent resident / work visa. In order to be considered for a Social Worker role, you must be a New Zealand citizen, permanent resident or hold a relevant, valid working visa at time of application. We will need to view this if you are shortlisted. Social work qualifications / registration

Please note: Other criteria also apply to each pension or benefit you apply for. Lawfully resident.. you are a New Zealand citizen, or; you are an Australian citizen. (*Temporary permit includes a visitor’s permit, a limited purposes permit, a temporary work permit or a permit to be in New Zealand for the purposes of study at a New Zealand. The Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) has a self-check tool to find out if you are eligible for New Zealand citizenship. To see if you are likely to meet the requirements and to check whether you can apply online, visit the website. Requirements for New Zealand citizenship | Check your eligibility for citizenship | If your partner is a New Zealand citizen and the two of you have been living together outside of New Zealand for 5 years or more, you may be granted a permanent resident visa. Your partner will need to be either overseas when you apply, or have been back in New Zealand for less than 3 months.

If you are a citizen of Samoa, you can apply in person or by post using the form below. The online service is not yet available. Application for New Zealand citizenship — Samoan (adult and child) (PDF 688KB) Application for New Zealand citizenship — Samoan (adult and child) — Samoan language (PDF 519KB) At the time you apply you must have been: living in Australia on a valid visa for the past 4 years; a permanent resident or eligible New Zealand citizen for the past 12 months New Zealand employers often use recruitment companies or agents to find suitable employees, particularly for specialist and high-level jobs. You can register with more than one company. The New Zealand employment market is small, so it is important to keep track of who you have contacted about jobs and when.

You can become a citizen of Australia in different ways. You must meet our criteria before you apply. How to apply for NZ citizenship; What to get ready before you apply for NZ citizenship Apply for NZ citizenship After you apply for NZ citizenship Citizenship ceremonies Register as a citizen by descent and get a passport Proof of citizenship Changing your citizenship status As a citizen of New Zealand, you are required Visa to visit Vietnam. Since 1996 All Zealand citizens come to Vietnam can pick up visa at Vietnam airport. To obtain Vietnam Visa On Arrival, travellers just need to finish the following simple steps: Go online:

IMPORTANT NOTICE U.S. Citizen Services If you need to renew an adult passport, please follow the instructions here. If you need any of the following services, you must schedule an appointment: Renew a minor passport Apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA) Federal benefits processing Certificate of Loss of Nationality Notarial services ***Click here to Book an Appointment*** VISA. New Zealand also has a special portability arrangement with 22 Pacific countries. You can reside in any one of these countries and get some or all of your New Zealand Superannuation or Veteran’s Pension. You must apply before you leave New Zealand.

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