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Trump’s approval rating — his worst in CNN polling since January 2019 — has diminished considerably since May, when 45 percent of Americans said they approved of his job as president. CNN's Holland said it's difficult to ascertain exactly how Francis' popularity stacks up against his predecessors, however. "It's a tough question since polling on Popes is pretty sparse," he said. What's more, like political polling, approval ratings shift depending on the public mood and perception of a Pope's performance.

Poll Trump approval slides, matches lowest point of

The media is in total meltdown mode. Seriously. You can tell by the hysterical coverage they're giving Trump and the COVID-19 briefings. But even as the national press dogpiles on the president, Trump has hit his highest approval rating according to a new CNN poll released on Tuesday. According to CNN, 45 percent of Americans…

Cnn approval rating. Video: CNN poll: Trump sees big drop in approval rating (CNN) Click to expand. Replay Video. UP NEXT. Rescue operations in Beirut continue after two large explosions decimate city. Poll of the week: A new CNN poll conducted by SSRS released this week finds that President Donald Trump's approval rating among voters stands at 45%. His disapproval rating is at 52%. CNN also saw a boon in ratings. 2016 proved to be the channel’s most-watched year among total viewers. In primetime, CNN placed eighth with an average of 1.3 million viewers, its highest ranking.

President Donald Trump said Tuesday his relationship with Dr. Anthony Fauci is "very good" but wondered why the doctor's approval rating is so high when his is so low. According to a new CNN poll released Tuesday, President Donald Trump’s approval rating is tied with his record high. Trump’s Current Approval Rating Is Tied with His Highest That Occurred in September 2019. 45 percent of Americans approve of President Trump’s job performance, according to the poll. According to a new CNN poll, the Democratic Party is at its lowest approval rating since the early 1990s. Only 37 percent of Americans think positively about the party of Hillary Clinton, Nancy.

CNN polls Trump’s approval rating every month, collecting data from respondents over a three-day period and reports the findings. “Our poll is ongoing. The presidential tracking number that you see every morning at 9:30, it is a rolling survey of three nights,” Francis Coombs, managing editor at Rasmussen, told TheDCNF. 2. That said, Trump's approval rating is really bad. Right now, Trump has approximately a 40% approval rating and a 55% disapproval rating. This makes for a net approval rating of -15 points. Since 1940, no president has ever won another term in the White House with such a poor net approval rating at this point. This story, unlike the other one, mentions (but not till the fourth paragraph) that Trump’s approval rating of 45 percent “now matches his high point in CNN polling dating back to the start of.

The poll shows that 45 percent of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance as president, tying his all-time record high rating first set in March of 2017. Trump’s approval ratings in the CNN poll have steadily ticked up since he registered a 39 percent approval rating in September 2019. A new CNN Poll conducted by SSRS finds President Donald Trump's approval rating down 7 points in the last month as the President falls further behind presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden. A new CNN Poll of Polls out on Thursday finds President Donald Trump's approval rating and the public's approval of his handling of the coronavirus pandemic trending down in the last month.

President Donald Trump's approval rating plummeted 7 points and he is now 14 points behind Democrat Joe Biden in his reelection bid, according to a new survey. Key takeaways from the CNN poll: 38% approve of Trump's job performance from June 2-5, while 57% disapprove. From May 7-10, Trump's approval rating was 45%. Approval rating Approval Disapproval rating Disapproval Net approval. 1,296 days 4 years 8 years. Barack Obama 2009-17. George W. Bush 2001-09. Bill Clinton 1993-2001. George H.W. Bush 1989-93. Ronald Reagan 1981-89. Jimmy Carter 1977-81. Gerald Ford 1974-77. Richard Nixon 1969-74. Lyndon B. Johnson 1963-69. Trump’s approval ratings in the CNN poll have steadily ticked up since he registered a 39 percent approval rating in September 2019. Charlie Spiering 12 May 2020, 1:45 PM PDT

President Trump on Monday hired a pollster to scrutinize a CNN poll that pegged him at an approval rating of just 38 percent in the wake of historic civil unrest, his worst since January 2019. In July, these same polls give him a 49% approval rating to a 47% disapproval rating. When you look at all the polls, you come to a very similar finding. Trump's net approval rating on the economy (approval minus disapproval) has dropped from +16 points in January to just +1 point in July.

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