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Download our iPhone app. new sources of nutrients swept into the region by shifting ocean currents. Depp gave her 'two black eyes' day before she appeared on Late, Late Show – but make-up. A setting for Maps allows your iPhone to remember where you parked your car. It works through GPS, so if you are in a parking garage, it might not register, but it can be a fantastic time (and feet) saver in a big parking lot. Turn it on by going to the iPhone's Settings app, choosing Maps from the menu, and tapping next to Show Parked Location.

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I love my iPhone because it's more than just a neat gadget: It's also one of my top productivity tools. It frees me up to be mobile anywhere but still connected to my work, my family, and all the.

Currents app appeared on my iphone. The Navionics App I have doesn't indicate Gold or Platinum just the West version. As for the GPS receiver in the iPhone I have heard that some phones have better GPS units than others. I have tested mine both with and without a cell signal and have always appeared to be less than 10 feet from where I would expect to be on both charts and maps. To no one’s surprise, the iPhone was the company’s hardest hit segment, with sales for the device falling 7% from the same time last year. Apple’s profits fell to $11.2 billion, a 2% decline from last year. The company told investors Thursday that iPhone sales will deteriorate even further during the April-June quarter. Currents is only available for G Suite accounts through work or school. Consumer accounts (typically ending in were shut down on April 2nd, 2019. Email addresses associated with your account. Your primary email address is the email address with which your Google Account is registered and that you'll use to sign in to Google+. You.

It's been a great week to be a news junkie with an iPhone. On Tuesday, iPad darling Flipboard finally appeared on Apple's smart phone. Yesterday, Google launched its aggregator, Currents. And. But I will use it as backup, for sure. And who knows—this cool, inexpensive ($10 for the iPhone and $30 for the iPad) app might just constitute a glimpse into the future of electronic navigation. Navionics USA (800) 848-5896. This article originally appeared in the June 2011 issue of Power & Motoryacht magazine. Had a similar problem after doing a restore on my iPhone 4. I just tried something that seemed to work. Went to contacts and selected groups. Selected Hide All Contacts and immediately selected Show All Contacts again. The missing contacts re-appeared along with duplicate entries for the one's I recreated.

2) Tried using the route feature with mixed success. Creating the route was straightforward, but when trying to edit or select a route, the list appeared to have a font of white on white. Same with other fields in the app such as editing a waypoint name. Finally had to give up on routes and use “navigate to point “ repeatedly. Used on an. People around the world have been complaining on Twitter and Reddit about strange pictures appearing on their phones. Possible explanations have ranged from hacking, to accidental photos of magazines. The Mail app on your iPhone or iPad with version 6 or below”. I had to replace my iPhone 6 a few months ago due to a battery issue and I updated to 9.1 at that time…now just today I started getting the “this message has not been downloaded from the server” for the first time.. It does not solve the problem for your currents.

Download our News app for iPhone;. appeared to bear the brunt of the storm damage in the commonwealth over the weekend.. 2 to 4 inches of rainfall and strong rip currents off the southern. The Apple ID is used with all of Apple's products from the iPhone to the iPad to the Mac to Apple TV. If you have any of these devices, you have been asked to sign in or create an Apple ID to use the device. You don't need more than one Apple ID. In fact, the experience is better using the same Apple ID across all devices. Browse apps as you would on your iPad or iPhone. The initial page lists the featured apps, including new apps and currently popular apps. You can use the search feature at the top right of the screen to search for a particular app or change the category of apps by clicking All Categories on the menu. This allows you to choose from specific categories of apps, such as productivity apps or games.

iPhone App Idea: Capture The Flag; Yesterday, as I was walking along a street watching my iPhone in amazement as the little blue dot representing my location moved ever so slightly towards the intersection I was approaching, four clothing stores were marked with flags after entering the word “clothing” into the map search. Digital banking app and tech unicorn Dave confirms a security breach after a hacker published personal information on 7.5M+ of its users on a public forum — Dave user data is now available for download on a public hacking forum.— Digital banking app and tech unicorn confirmed today … Apple's instant-messaging service iMessage, which is supported by the Messages texting app, has a number of cool features, such as the ability to send and receive messages on all your devices, including iPhones, iPads, the iPod touch, MacBooks, and Macs.

By default, every time you plug your iPhone or iPad into a wall outlet or a computer, the iPad tries to back itself up to iCloud.You can also manually initiate a backup by opening the Settings app and navigating to iCloud > Backup > Back Up Now.. You can restore from a backup by following the procedure to reset your iPad to factory default, then choosing to restore from the backup during the. It’s been a busy week for mobile applications that mimic the feel of a magazine, but with content from an array of sources. First, iPad hit Flipboard arrived on the iPhone. Then Google unveiled Currents. Now Zite, another iPad mainstay, is joining Flipboard on the iPhone. The company recently gave me a sneak peek and a bit of hands-on time with the app.

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