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Facebook announced Friday that it suspended "tens of thousands" of apps following a lengthy investigation into the third-party developers that share data with the tech giant.. Why it matters: The company is facing immense regulatory pressure over its privacy practices and data dominance. In particular, the Massachusetts attorney general's office has reportedly been working to unseal documents. Instead of referring to this as a “data investigation” or a “privacy investigation” – as all the major media outlets did, Facebook preferred to use the term “app developer investigation.” Facebook also did nothing to suggest that users should be alarmed at all by the app suspension program.

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Google accused by developer of retaliation for cooperating with House antitrust investigation Blix, maker of an email app, was kicked off Google’s Play Store Friday.

Facebook app developer investigation. The Wall Street Journal reports that tech giant Google removed the “BlueMail” email app from its Google Play Store on Friday after it had been available to Android smartphone users for years. The Play Store is Google’s version of Apple’s App Store for Android devices and is where most Android users download apps and games. The founders of Blix, the software development company that. Facebook’s App Developer Investigation has already seen millions of apps reviewed and tens of thousands suspended. Facebook investigates apps based on signals associated with potential data misuse and other potential policy violations, as well as when there are concerns on how the information people choose to share with an app may have been used. The App Store which is the only way that developers can distribute iPhone and iPad apps – is being investigated for two specific restrictions imposed by Apple.The first is the requirement that.

Facebook repeatedly overruled fact checkers in favor of conservatives. Developers are divided on the EU’s App Store investigation. An old debate rages once more.. a Ukrainian app developer. This includes a background investigation of the developer and a technical analysis of the app’s activity on the platform. Depending on the results, a range of actions could be taken from requiring developers to submit to in-depth questioning, to conducting inspections or banning an app from the platform. Deep App Investigations: In early 2018, Facebook promised that we would review apps with access to significant amounts of data (read more here).Our team was responsible for creating the processes and tools, establishing and running the review operations, providing updates and insights and coordinating with several other teams such as legal, product, engineering and others.

The app developer investigation is ongoing, but today, Facebook said it has reviewed millions of apps and suspended tens of thousands associated with about 400 developers. By Ime Archibong, VP of Product Partnerships. Here is an update on the app investigation and audit that Mark Zuckerberg promised on March 21.. As Mark explained, Facebook will investigate all the apps that had access to large amounts of information before we changed our platform policies in 2014 — significantly reducing the data apps could access. Facebook revealed that it has suspended tens of thousands of apps associated with about 400 developers as part of its ‘App Developer investigation’, which first began when the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke back in March 2018. Facebook had at the time said it would investigate how third-party apps were handling user data from the world.

Facebook App Investigation Leads To Thousands Of Suspensions. developer and a technical analysis of the app’s activity, potentially leading to actions like in-depth questioning or the banning. According to court papers, Facebook’s internal investigation led it to suspend 69,000 apps, mostly because their developers did not cooperate with the investigation. About 10,000 were identified. Facebook made the moves “due to concerns around the developers who built them or how the information people chose to share with the app may have been used — which we are now investigating in.

“Our App Developer Investigation is by no means finished. But there is meaningful progress to report so far,” Ime Archibong, Facebook’s vice president of product partnerships, wrote in the. Over the last several years, we’ve changed how we handle data and how we hold our partners accountable for accessing and managing data. We’ve restricted access to APIs, enhanced app review, launched an app developer investigation and most recently, formalized our agreement with the FTC. As part of the initiatives we’re launching to improve the developer experience, we’re customizing and streamlining app onboarding and integration based on the different ways developers and businesses use the Facebook platform. Today, we’re announcing a series of improvements for developers building Business apps to manage their on-Facebook…

Facebook Inc said on Friday it has suspended tens of thousands of apps on the social networking platform, as part of the company's ongoing app developer investigation it began in March 2018 in. Facebook suspends 400 apps in developer data investigation Facebook made the move over concerns around the developers who built the apps and how the information people chose to share with the app may have been used, the company said.

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