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Whether you're into puzzles, role-playing adventure, word games or brain teasers, there's literally thousands of game apps for both iPhone and Android available to download. We've handpicked some of our favourite senior-friendly mobile games below, along with handy information on how to add apps to your phone , plus the difference between free. Puzzle and Entertainment Apps for Seniors Of course, you can also use your phone to exercise your brain and simply have fun. Check out this roundup of apps to play games with yourself or loved ones or listen to your favorite content.


Word Game Apps for Seniors. Older folks can enjoy mobile games just as much as their younger counterparts! In addition to offline word games for everyone, senior citizens can also benefit from “brain training” apps too. Peak. Get in your brain workout with Peak, a mobile app with a variety of brain games and puzzles “to challenge memory.

Games apps for seniors. To help you find the best brain games for you (or your loved one), we’ve rounded up 51 of the best brain games for seniors that are both fun and challenging. From simple classics to sophisticated apps that will have you putting your thinking skills to work like never before, there’s something on this list for everyone who wants to give. Download Matching Games For Seniors and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Download the most fun English Alphabet Matching puzzle game today! Play 600 Challenging and Addictive levels with increasing difficulty! Explore enchanting Fantasy lands and beautifully designed Layouts! This is the most fun way to learn the English language! Stimulate your memory and have fun with memory puzzles by Senior Games. A complete collection of games that will help you develop your memory skills while having fun. Remember, memory training is perfect for all ages. Our game can be played by kids or seniors. Within this app you will find different games to test your capacity of retention and memory in the short and long term.

18 Unexpectedly Innovative Apps for Seniors Typically, older adults are not the targets for high-tech products and apps. Built around teenagers and younger adults, the iPhone and Android app market is flooded with games and social media programs for those generations. Free E.T Launcher by Up Top Free Games, Best Apps & New Addictive Fun Video Games. Jul 16, 2012. 1.0 out of 5 stars 1. App Free Download. Available instantly on compatible devices. Sniper game. May 3, 2013. 3.4 out of 5 stars 60. App Free Download.. Best Apps to Boost Memory for Seniors in 2020 Although mobile phones are powerful productivity tools, they are as well useful for learning and education. Mobile apps are a great way to learn on a variety of topics on the go.

We create games for the whole family. Discover all our games and have fun putting your brain to the test! Seniors have been quick to adopt Apple’s iPad, a device that in their childhood would have seemed like a science fiction fantasy. According to a study by eMarketer, iPad use among seniors grew 190% during 2011.This powerful but lightweight touchscreen computer is the size of a notepad and so intuitive that even a two-year-old can use it. Best Mobile Games for Adults, Parents, Mother, Grandfather, Grandmother, Senior Citizens & the Elderly. Best video games for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Games for iPad, iPhone, and Tablets.

A complete collection of games that will help you develop your memory skills while having fun. Remember, memory training is perfect for all ages. Our game can be played by kids or seniors. Within this app you will find different games to test your capacity of retention and memory in the short and long term. Our game… The lists below highlight some of the most powerful apps and games for seniors, along with why they matter. Further on, we look at why tablets work well for seniors and other areas to consider. All apps discussed are free unless otherwise noted. Tablet Apps for Seniors. Casual Games; Memory/Brain/Puzzle Games; Try the best brain teaser games for adults! Unlike the common conception, keeping the brain healthy is a life-long process. Most adults and seniors tend to assume that it is “too late” to sharpen your memory, boost your brain and develop certain skills, which is nothing but a fallacy.

Thus, there are millions of games apps for seniors on the Android platform. In fact, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the multiple options. This is why you should go through this list of the top rated games, to save time and enjoy your valuable time entertaining and exercising your mind. You May Like: Best Laptops for Watching Movies under $500 From puzzles, word games, and brainteasers to role-playing adventure games, there are a lot of tablet games for seniors to enjoy from the Google Play Store and the App Store. Read on to see 11 games worth-checking out. RELATED: Best Smartphone For Seniors | Top Four 11 Best Tablet Games For Seniors 1. Words with Friends With the addition of these kinds of apps and games which not only help the seniors to pass their time but also to help them in maintaining their health and relations. Apart from the aforementioned apps, there are much more available for Android and iPhone users to make them happy and reminded.

81 Top Games for Seniors and the Elderly: Fun for All Abilities. By Luke Redd | Published May 15, 2018 | Last updated June 18, 2020 Get ready to play! It's time to learn about the best games for seniors so that you can reap the benefits of having fun.After all, joy, amusement, and mental stimulation are necessary for every senior's overall well-being. Apps to Stay Connected Skype. Cost: Free. Platform: iPhone & Android. Skype is a great app that allows seniors to video chat with loved ones. This one comes in handy if grandchildren don't live nearby by allowing seniors to still see them. Sometimes simply talking on the phone isn't enough. With Skype everyone can see each other which is a.

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