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To make your app more effective, add your vehicle directly to the GasBuddy app in order to receive automatic notification whenever a new recall is issued. Users can even report their gas prices to help other users save some extra money. With this feature, they can also improve their ranks in the support community of the GasBuddy app. Help fight high gas prices together by reporting gas prices, and get a chance to win free gas in the process! This is an all new, all Windows Phone 8 version of the GasBuddy app you know and love. There's too many changes, fixes, improvements, and additions to mention, but rest assured, this is THE way to use GasBuddy.

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Leave a Review. Description.. The Gas Buddy App is a must. We always check gas prices in other areas we will be traveling to see where it is cheapest. 5. Alice K. Seattle, WA. 24 reviews. août 31 2014, 3:39 am. Love this app! I use it at least once a week. I like being able to see where i can find the cheapest gas around me.

Gas buddy app review. GasBuddy is a fully loaded application that assists you in finding inexpensive gas near you. Features like reporting gas prices and entering daily contests help create an active community of devotees. Review Policy. 4.5. 785,265 total. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Loading… What’s New. Always giving you the most ways and the most places to save on gas than any other app. In fact, did you know that GasBuddy gives you 27 ways to save on fuel? Let’s see your navigation app do that! Read more. Collapse. Additional information. The most ways and the most places to save on gas than any other app. For budget-minded drivers, GasBuddy is the travel and navigation app that is used by more North American drivers to shop for, and save money, on gas and diesel than any other app. That’s because, unlike fuel retailer, GPS and other savings apps, GasBuddy covers 150,000+ gas stations in North America, and offers drivers 27.

In addition to this, the app also shows you an accurate rating of each gas station you are about to visit. What I Don’t Like About GasBuddy App. There is a limit on the amount of gas you can purchase with your GasBuddy app. Currently, GasBuddy offers you a discount for 40 gallons of gas per month. Cheapskate exclusive! GasBuddy Premium also includes 24-hour roadside assistance. The gas savings alone should cover the membership price. Plus: Return of the $25 Google Voice alarm clock! For example, if a gas station is charging $3.00 per gallon cash/debit price and charging $3.15 for credit, and I use my gas buddy card, I’ve just paid $3.10 a gallon for gas because the gas buddy card registers as a credit card even though it’s being debited from my checking account.

Review title of Funny Cortana should tell you gas prices, Gasbuddy app sucks. Gasbuddy apps have always been terrible. They never update their app. It would be much more convenient if I could just ask Cortana for gas prices. Build gas prices into Windows 10 search. GasBuddy by GasBuddy Organization Inc is a free travel and gas app that lets you save money by finding the cheapest gas prices available to you. Never has it been so easy to save so much money. With GasBuddy you can rest assured that you are always finding the cheapest gas around. If you use gas buddy, just pray you never need support because you will absolutely receive no support whatsoever, and there is no one accountable for the awful customer service provided by the gas buddy team. For an app which has your bank account or credit card information, failing to provide timely customer support is a huge red flag.

Yesterday I wrote a review criticizing Gas Buddy for making their new DEAL program more difficult to locate gas prices. This morning I received an update to the app and it is now showing all gas stations and their current lower price offer. This could actually work out after all. You just tap on the offer and get there within 4 hours for your. The app’s layout is nicely designed, with prices for different grades of gasoline plus diesel. Click on a particular station, and the app pulls open a Google map with directions. GasBuddy scores points for simplicity; tap a button, and it uses GPS to find the nearby stations, listing them in order of proximity or price. GasBuddy is a free app for iPhone and Android that tracks fuel prices at over 150,000 gas stations in the U.S., Canada, and Australia. Although it has a website, GasBuddy is best used as an app on the go. The app was launched in 2000 and has been downloaded over 60 million times and has saved users over $2.9 billion.

The app relies on users to confirm gas prices. The gas price will reflect when the last reported price was submitted (10 minutes ago, 14 hours ago, etc.). Based on reviews of several websites, some reviews reported incorrect gas prices. My review of gas prices on GasBuddy has been for most part a very accurate reporting of gas prices. Gas Buddy is really simple to use. It offers prices for gas stations all over the U.S. and Canada. With the app, you can locate the best prices for gas near you, by searching by zip code, city or state. Other users report the cost of fuel in different areas, meaning you can always get up to date figures. I've got the gas buddy premium membership and I'm supposed to be 20 cents off, up to 40 gallons every month. The month of July 2020, I've only used 34 gallons, this is including the last tank they.

GasBuddy has saved drivers over $3.1 billion and is used by more North Americans to save money on gas than any other app. Pay with GasBuddy is so easy to use and it saves me money every time I fill up. I like that it works like a debit card, no need to worry about credit card interest. The mobile app Gasbuddy is a great companion when you've been driving on empty searching for the nearest station to fill up. It takes you directly to the next shop that has the lowest price that won't gouge your wallet. Search by categories that include location, price or a specific brand.

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