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Geocaching turns every location into an adventure. Join the world's largest treasure hunting game and discover the world around you in a whole new way. Millions of cleverly hidden containers called geocaches are waiting to be found. Get outside, get moving, and challenge yourself to find secret locations, solve challenging puzzles, connect with other geocachers, and explore parts of your world. ‎Join the world’s largest treasure-hunting community with the official app for geocaching. Whether you are off to find your first geocache or your ten-thousandth, this app is your ultimate geocaching toolbox. There are millions of clever containers called geocaches hidden in almost every country on…


Geocaching for Android is a real world treasure hunting game. Believe it or not, Geocaching is going on right now all around you, and you probably pass right by several hidden treasures every day.With Geocaching you will be able to see the location o…

Geocaching app free. I've been caching for years with 2700 finds, all made with the old paid Geocaching app. After a few months away from the hobby I came back to discover the old app disabled and this app as the replacement. Some things are better on the new app and some are better on the old app. But a few problems with the new app are really annoying me. Visit to see just how many geocaches are nearby and to get the free Official Geocaching app. There are millions of geocaches worldwide, just waiting for you to find them. There are probably even some within walking distance of where you are right now. 6 Best Geocaching Apps for iPhone & iPad. 1.Geocaching (FREE) Geocaching is the official app for geocaching with the world’s largest treasure-hunting community. There are millions of geocache containers that are hidden in almost every country which you can find through this app. This app takes you through the adventure of finding geocaches.

geocaching free download – Geocaching, Geocaching, Geocaching Deutschland, and many more programs.. Dies ist die offizielle GC OWL App zum Thema Geocaching in Ostwestfalen-Lippe. Die App. This application is $8.99, but there is also a free version that has less functionality. This app is unique because it is available for not just the iPhone, but also the iPad, which can help if you want a larger screen than is found on an iPhone. It is integrated with Geocaching Live and the application focuses a lot on offline functionality. De Geocaching app geeft pushmeldingen op je smartphone, dus je weet snel als je antwoord terug hebt. Loggen met de Geocaching app. Navigeren naar een geocache. Waarschijnlijk de handigste functie van de geocache app is de functie die aanduid op de kaart waar jij je bevindt en hoe ver je van de gezochte geocache zit. Wanneer je de informatie van.

The official app for geocaching, this app has everything you need plus more to experience everything geocaching has to offer. Features for the free version include Live Search, cache details, trackables, and access to a GeoTour, which explains all cache types and ratings – perfect for beginners. Geocaching Plus is a mobile client for, opencaching and services This app will improve your geocaching experience by letting you – view caches on a live map – see cache details, description, logbook and photos – add caches to favorites for further searching – physically search favorite caches with the help of map and compass – log caches – pin caches. Get the Official Geocaching® App. Find More Geocaches with Geocaching Premium. Upgrade to Geocaching Premium for premium-only geocaches and to unlock more features in the Geocaching® App. Premium vs. Basic Learn More. Get to Know Us Careers Partner With Us Geocache Hiding Guidelines Legal Logo Usage Guidelines

Object moved to here. But it is with a twist, because you are actually able to do it for free, or at least very close to free. But you will need some gear. A tracker: GPS or Smartphone with Geocaching App. A map with geocaches, like in the Geocaching App. Some GEO-swag, and maybe even a Trackable item. Hiking and walking gear, if you go for great distances. c:geo is a simple to use but powerful geocaching client with a lot of additional features. All you need to get started is an existing account on or another geocaching platform (like Opencaching). Find caches using the live map or by using one of the many search functions.

Cachly is not a free geocaching app but unlike the official one listed above, this geocaching app only requires a one-time payment to get features like offline vector maps, lists, and advanced searching capabilities. Once you’re viewing a particular cache through Cachly, you can use the menu button to select Find Caches Near This. This is a. ‎Geocaching One is a client for opencaching and services This app will improve your geocaching experience by letting you – view caches on a live map – see cache details, description, logbook and photos – save caches to your phone for offline use – physically search favorite caches with… Yep, the current incarnation of the app has always been free. If something is asking you to pay for installing the app, then you're in the wrong spot. Simply go to the App Store and search for "geocaching", or follow the link posted by cerberus1.

This free, open source app has been out for some time and is very popular with geocachers. It is important to note that this app does not use the official geocaching API. Thus, when changes are made to the system (as was done recently), there is no guarantee that the app will get updated. c:geo is a very user friendly app and has a nice set of. Video: what is geocaching (75 seconds) There are 4,341 geocaches around Redmond. To get started, create a free geocaching account and download the official Geocaching® app or use a GPS device.

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