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Honey is an app that can save you money by automatically search and apply coupon codes for thousands of online stores. With over 5 million users, Honey has been around since 2013 and is completely free to join. When it comes to how the app is supposed to be used, Honey’s easy to dive into and start making money, which makes it a great app for any burgeoning couponer in the 21st century. If you don’t want to use the app, there’s always plenty of ways to gain access to coupon codes and price drops through other less-convenient means.

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Doesn't Work For Amazon. So, I was looking at a set of all 7 Michael Vey books on Amazon, and clicked on Honey and tried 2 working promo codes and Amazon said they were invalid.

Honey coupon app reviews. A LOAD OF UTTER GARBAGE. A LOAD OF UTTER GARBAGE , Real talk here , the adverts are as bad as the cheap 2nd rate actoors who appear in them on youtube , their to to make money from poor vulnerable people . so you have £5 for example to spend on a take away meal , how does that save you money you have a budget to spend you dont have an unlimited budget then get a random deal , i mean the. The premise is the same; however, the Honey App works a bit different in its mobile version. Honey On A CPU vs. Honey On A Smartphone. Similar to the Honey App extension for your computer, the Honey smartphone app automatically applies coupon codes… it just does it a little differently. Honey validates all the coupons in its directory, picks the best one, and applies it to your order. In my experience, most of the time none of the coupons work. Honey isn’t magic. But if there’s a working coupon out there you can be assured Honey will apply it. The app takes the grunt work out of the process.

The Honey coupon app is only available as a browser extension, so you can only use it with a compatible web browser. It does support the most popular browsers, including Chrome , Firefox , Edge , Safari , and Opera . Reviews Save Money Honey Coupon Review: App & Browser Extension to Automatically Add Coupon Codes. Honey is an app & browser extension which automatically finds the best coupon codes for you when shopping online and helps save you money. By Nicholas Say July 2, 2020. Honey will go to work automatically testing coupon codes from around the web, applying the best coupon within seconds. Safety Concerns or Problems with Honey App While most people have had positive experiences with the app, even stating that it’s the best download ever, some people have expressed problems and concerns with security.

Recently purchased by for $4 billion by Paypal, Honey is a free browser extension that will quickly search for coupons and promo codes, and automatically apply the best available coupon code at checkout.You can currently use the Honey extension with Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera. Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with a single click. This site uses cookies to enhance your user experience. To accept, please click "Accept" or keep using the site. Install App Help. Install App For companies Overview Reviews About Honey Reviews 3,621 • Excellent . 4.6. www.joinh oney.com. Visit this website www.joinh oney.com. Write a review. www.joinh oney.com. Write a review. I used Honey for Ferns and Petal website and the coupon code suggested by Honey helped me to save my $2 and that's.

Currently the Honey App appears to have very positive reviews, both from their users and from technology blogs and websites that are excited about the concept of a browser extension being able to automatically apply coupon codes. This Honey App review will dive into how a simple browser extension will streamline your online money saving potential (ten-fold). Couponing Without the Effort – Honey Browser Extension What is Honey? Honey is a shopping tool that is designed to help online shoppers save money. It accomplishes this task in a number of ways, but Honey is best. Just weeks after PayPal acquired popular coupon-finding browser extension Honey in November 2019 for $4 billion, Amazon shoppers were served a notification that the extension was a security risk.

Honey is a free extension that helps you save money. The Honey app saves you money by searching for the best coupon deals available when you are shopping online.. This includes buying clothes, ordering food, or booking travels. In fact, the Honey app is compatible with over 30,000 shopping platforms in total. For Honey Gold rewards, you often don’t know exactly how much cash back you’ll get. They give you a range like 1-5%. It would be great if it was a definitive number like what they do on Rakuten (formerly Ebates). The Honey app for the iPhone or iPad seems glitchy. I would stay away from it until it gets better reviews. Tips to use Honey Honey Reviews 3,690 • Excellent. I've been using Honey for about 6 month and not once has it produced a coupon code that worked.. disappointed in the actual results obtained compared with the volume of my time spent trying to have an engagement with Honey. The app presents itself in different ways on different devices – it both looks.

me and my roomate have been using honey since the dawn of time. as the bee came onto the google horizon i was very weary of this app at 1st even being a heavy app and power user on the computer. the moment i used it i was pretty amazed that we save quite a bit on our take outs during game night. defiantly has a great rewards system. just make sure to take the time to set up your account. Honey found at www.joinhoney.com is a web-based app and browser extension that claims to be able help you find coupon codes for the sites you are shopping at and apply them at checkout, thereby saving you money and coupon searching time.

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