How To Make Your Own Apple Watch Face

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Choose a case. Pick a band. Create your own style. Now you can make your Apple Watch Series 5, your way in the Apple Watch Studio. You can make an Apple Watch face using the Watch app with a custom photo, or you can open the Photos app on the Apple Watch and Force Touch to set a static Apple Watch photo as your watch face.

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Apple promised that developers could create their own customized watch faces with a multiple complications and share a link that people could click on, adding that watch face instantly.

How to make your own apple watch face. With watchOS 2, you can now use any photo in your library to make a custom Apple Watch face. And that gives you a lot of freedom to make the wearable your own, but sometimes, you and the watch. Want to Create Your Own Apple Watch Face? Good Luck. Apple's walled-garden approach to its ecosystem persists with the Apple Watch, which does not support third-party watch faces. Create a photo face right on the Apple Watch. Maybe your iPhone is on the other side of the room, but you want to change your Watch face right now. Do one of the following. Set one photo as your Watch face. If you just want one specific photo for your Watch face, this is easy.

Getting a Face on Your Watch. To get the face on your watch, AirDrop, email, drop the file in iCloud Drive, or use other means to get it onto your camera roll. Once on your iPhone, open the Watch app, select Photos, and select “All Photos” as your synced album. On Apple Watch, open the Photos app, select the image, and force touch to select. MAKE YOUR OWN WATCH FACE. Facer is compatible with Apple Watch, Samsung Gear S2/S3, and all of the latest Android Wear devices, including Nixon Mission, Polar m600, Michael Kors Smartwatch, Asus Zenwatch 3, Moto 360 Sport, Casio WSD-F10, Tag Heuer Smartwatch, Moto 360 1 & Moto 360 2nd gen, Huawei Android watch, Asus Zen Watch 1 & 2, Sony. The Face Gallery in the Apple Watch app is the easiest way to see all of the available watch faces, customize one, and add it to your collection. But, if your iPhone isn’t handy, you can customize the face right on your watch. For more information, see Apple Watch faces and their features.

After you add the complication in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, you can add it to your watch. Go back to your watch face, firmly press the display, and tap Customize. Then tap a complication and turn the Digital Crown to choose the information that you want to appear. Apple’s not big on custom watch faces. In fact, I would be surprised if they ever open the watch up for just anybody to make their own watch faces. Apple does, however, allow you to make a watch face based on your photo album. The idea is for Apple Watch owners to use their favorited photos on the background of a basic digital watch. Choose any case. Pair any strap. Create your own Apple Watch Series 5 style in the Apple Watch Studio.

To set your own photo or photos as a custom watch face, you'll need to sync a photo album on your iPhone with your watch. Launch the Watch app on your iPhone, then scroll down and tap on Photos . With the Time-lapse face, you can travel around the world for a few seconds. The Photos watch face lets you make your Apple Watch look just the way you want. Here's how. How to change your Apple Watch face to Time-Lapse. Apple included six mini time-lapse videos, taken in Hong Kong, London, Mack Lake in Michigan, Paris, New York, and Shanghai. Also read: 11 Apple Watch talents you’ve probably never used There are two ways to set an image as your watch face once it is on Apple Watch. The first way is from the default timekeeping screen.

Customize your own band exclusively for your Apple Watch! Whether you have an earlier Series watch or have the most recent Series 4 Watch, Skinit allows you to Make It Yours and customize a band for any Apple Watch you may have. Select your band size below then get to creating a one-of-a-kind design you can rock anytime, anywhere. Learn how to set your own watch face in this tutorial. Before you follow the the steps below, make sure that your Apple Watch is running on WatchOS 2 and your iPhone is running on at least iOS 9. You can check for an Apple Watch software update in the Watch app -> General -> Software Update. To update your iPhone, go to Settings -> General. This will determine how many photos in the album will rotate through your watch face. 25 is the default, which is probably enough for most people, but you can select up to 500. Next, force touch the screen on your Apple Watch, scroll to the right, and tap on the plus button to create a new watch face.

Apple hasn’t opened the Apple Watch up to third-party developers to create watch faces yet, but there is still a way to get creative, and that’s by using your own photos as the background to. At this point you have your watch face ready to be uploaded to the watch. Press the back button once. (Unlike other apps that allow you to create custom watch faces, WatchMaker auto saves the watch face.) Make sure the watch face is set to the WatchMaker face on the watch.

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