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My phone – iPhone Xs- is uninstalling useful apps, for example, just now -literally- I wanted to edit a contact and the “Contact app” was uninstalled!! Also Whatsapp, google maps, notes and the most bizarre: find friends, with I use every single day more than twice, so I just don’t get what’s going on!! So how do you uninstall apps on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and iOS 8? It all boils down to one thing – long hold an icon until all the icons start wiggling. Once that happens, a cross appears on the top of each one. You just press the 'x', confirm that you really want to delete the app, and voila.

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Apple iPhone – Uninstall Apps. Apple iPhone – Uninstall Apps. Connect with us on Messenger . Visit Community . 24/7 automated phone system: call *611 from your mobile.

How to uninstall apps on iphone 6. After uninstalling several apps, you would definitely improve the performance of your iPhone SE/6S/6 Plus/6/5S/5C/5. And FYI, you can also speed up iPhone by deleting unnecessary data , temporary files as well as histories and cookies on Safari . How to Delete & Uninstall Apps on Your iPhone. Tap and hold an app icon until the quick actions menu appears.; If you only want to remove that one app, then tap Delete App, and then confirm in the pop up by tapping Delete.Note: the quick actions menu offers different options for different apps, so the Delete App option may move around on the menu. How to Uninstall Facebook on iPhone or iPad. This wikiHow teaches you how to delete the Facebook app from your iPhone or iPad. If you think you'll want to install the app at a later date, you may want to offload it instead—this deletes the…

Too many Apps will run out of storage on your iPhone and make it slower and slower. Therefore, to make your iPhone faster, you need to remove some unused Apps and release memory. Now, check following two simple methods to uninstall Apps on iPhone 8/8 Plus or iPhone X. Tip 1: Uninstall Apps on iPhone through tapping and wiggling. 1. Go to your. Fortunately removing apps from an iPhone is something that you can accomplish with the short steps in our guide below. Deleting an App from an iPhone 6. The steps in this article were performed on an iPhone 6 Plus, in iOS 9.1. However, these same steps will work for most other iPhone models, running most other versions of iOS. After iOS 11, you can directly uninstall both third-party apps and iOS default apps (like Contacts, Notes, Music, Videos, Maps, etc.) on your iPhone 7/8/Xr. To uninstall apps on iPhone 7/8/Xr: Lightly touch and hold the app until it jiggles > Tap the Close/Delete icon in the upper-left corner of the app > Tap Delete to confirm you want to.

For apps, AnyTrans will list all applications on your iPhone automatically, and you can manage the apps effectively, such as delete apps, add apps to iPhone, transfer apps to another iDevice, etc. More importantly, AnyTrans helps you delete multiple apps from your iPhone with 1-click, which could make up for the defection of the above two methods. Guide to Delete Apps on iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s Plus. Method 1 – Deleting the Apps From Homepage. This method is very easy that you can choose if you want to. Follow the steps below to try: Select the app that you want to delete from your iPhone. Press the app and hold for seconds until it is swinging. Click the Apps tab and then click the iPhone tab. Click Not on This Computer to see which apps are missing. Click the iCloud button to download the app to your computer. The app is downloaded to iTunes and automatically downloaded to your iPhone too, if you have activated Automatic Downloads in iTunes preferences; otherwise, sync your iPhone.

Uninstall apps without deleting app data Press iPhone Storage . When you use this method, all app settings and data are saved in the phone memory and are restored when you reinstall the app from App Store on your phone. The software let you preview all the apps and its sizes, so it is very convenient to look at those apps and delete all the unused apps from your phone to make some extra space. Supported devices:iPhone 7/7Puls, 6, 6S/6S Plus, 5S/5C/4S/4/3GS, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch. Search in Apple iPhone 6 Plus. Search for your device here. Popular topics. Turning the screen lock on my mobile phone on or off. How to. Troubleshoot. Using apps. Specs. How to. Uninstalling apps on my mobile phone. Want to uninstall apps to free up space in the memory? Follow these easy instructions. Tap and hold the required app until the.

How To Uninstall Apps In iPhone. Here are the two Ways to uninstall application in iPhone. 1. Uninstall from the Home Tab. Step 1. Long press on the application that you want to remove, the app icon must start to wiggle and an x must appear on the left corner of the icon. If this doesn’t happen, you must tap on the screen again, and repeat. Step 2: Tap the Apps button from the home interface on Umate Pro. It will begin to scan your iPhone and show up all the apps on your iPhone. Step 3: Check the apps you want to remove from your device and press the Remove. Then all the selected apps will be removed from your iPhone. Uninstall apps without deleting app data Press iPhone Storage . When you use this method, all app settings and data are saved in the phone memory and are restored when you reinstall the app from App Store on your phone.

How to delete apps on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Learn how to delete third-party apps that you've installed on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Delete an app. Touch and hold the app. Tap Delete App. Tap Delete. If you delete an app, you don't automatically cancel any in-app subscriptions that you might have subscribed to. While. We’ll look at Uninstalled Apps in Settings -> Cellular on my iPhone, uninstall the Yelp app, and see if the data the Yelp app had previously used gets added to to Uninstalled Apps. Before we uninstall it, the Yelp app has used 23.1 MB of cellular data, and the total amount of data apps I’ve previously uninstalled have used is 49.7 MB.

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