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Presidential preference cards are counted at a caucus at West Des Moines Christian Church in Iowa on Monday. Problems with a smartphone app designed to report the caucus results ended up delaying. The problems that beset the Democratic Party’s first state caucus of the presidential race ran far deeper and wider than one bad app. (Jordan Gale / The New York Times) The first signs of.

App Used to Tabulate Votes Is Said to Have Been

Problems could slow reporting, counting of Iowa caucus results A caucus chair looks over a group of Pete Buttigieg supporters at the Drake University Knapp Center arena in Des Moines on Feb. 3.

Iowa caucus app problems. Iowa Caucus results delayed, link to mobile app problems is unclear (updated) Technology is already creating hiccups in the primaries. Jon Fingas, @jonfingas. February 3, 2020 The app became the subject of widespread scrutiny after the Iowa Democratic Party said problems with reporting the caucus results were due partly to "coding issues" with the app, which was being. Until now, the main public villain in the Iowa caucus fiasco has been the reporting app, created by a company called Shadow Inc., along with a “coding issue” in a back-end results reporting.

Iowa caucus chaos caused by tech problem with mobile app Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Troy Price said the delays were not the result of a breach and party systems were secure. By Associated. Results from Monday's Iowa caucus were delayed for days because of problems with a smartphone app used to tabulate and report results, causing chaos and frustration among campaigns and voters. A. Iowa caucus: Follow live coverage, buzz, results and more; Editorial: The moderate-effort, high-influence way for Iowans to spend one winter evening; Iowa caucus: From history to where to eat in.

The new app whose apparent failures derailed Iowa's Democratic caucuses ran into issues when precinct officials tried reporting results through the software. The Iowa Democratic Party insists that the problems it faced with the app were “not a hack or an intrusion,” and there’s very little besides idle speculation to suggest that there was some. Several precincts in Iowa said that workers are having trouble using a new app to report caucus results. People were unable to download or log into the app, Bloomberg News reported earlier today.

A faulty smartphone app was at the center of a chaotic caucus night in Iowa, but technical glitches were not the only reasons behind a major delay in results from the state’s first-in-the-nation. A smartphone app tasked with reporting the results of the Iowa caucus has crashed, delaying the result of the first major count in nominating a Democratic candidate to run for the U.S. presidency. “The situation with Iowa’s caucus reveals the risks associated with technology, in this case with a mobile app, but more importantly that there needs to be a low-tech solution in order to.

After problems with an app made by Shadow, the Iowa Democratic Party had to postpone announcing the results of yesterday’s caucus, throwing the presidential race into chaos, enraging Democrats. The Iowa Caucuses App Had Another Problem: It Could Have Been Hacked. While there is no evidence hackers intercepted or tampered with the results, a security firm consulted by ProPublica found. It now appears that the new paper system has served an essential purpose in verifying the results collected on the faulty smartphone app. Nevertheless, the problems at the Iowa caucus point to.

Iowa caucus app: Iowa Democratic Party blames 'coding issue' for results delay Some precinct captains and organizers had expressed doubt about the app in the days leading up to the vote on Monday. The first election of 2020 devolved into chaos Monday night as the results of Iowa’s Democratic caucuses were delayed over technical problems, throwing a pall over the legitimacy of the first-in.

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