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Liquor shops run by state-run Bevco and Consumerfed were shut to stick to the nationwide lockdown in the aftermath of the COVID-19 outbreak..booze app. Bev Q. Alcohol. liquor outlet. BEVCO.Kerala News. Regional News Liquor sales using BEVCO Virtual Queue app in Kerala begin on Wednesday or Thursday. Beverage Shops in Kerala will start their operations by Friday (22nd of May 2020) Everyone will be able to place orders online in the Kerala BEVCO App (BEV Q) by the 22nd of May and buy from Beverage and other outlets from 23rd, 9. AM Onwards.


BevQ App Download: Kerala State government has launched the BEVCO app, BevQ App for the virtual queue system (E-TOKEN) for online liquor. People can buy liquor online using the Bevco app now. Know how to check Bev Q app download or BEVCO app Download has undergone a trial run and now the Bevco Online App can be downloaded through Google Play Store.

Kerala bevco app news. Bevco MD G Sparjan Kumar has instructed Kerala Startup Mission to study the various companies. A mobile app will be developed which will contain the details of all beverages outlets in the state. Get all the latest news and updates on Kerala Bevco App only on Read all news including political news, current affairs and news headlines online on Kerala Bevco App today. Kerala BEVCO Online Booking [ BevQ App Download ] Token Opening Date, Price List, Website News – Beverages Corporation is looking at the possibility of online sale of liquor in Kerala state. Bevco is gearing up for Virtual Queue Q System for online sale of foreign liquor.

Kerala BEVCO app ‘BevQ’ download: Kerala Beverages Corporation (BEVCO) will launch its drink app for generating the virtual queue token next week.According to the reports, Kerala State Beverages Corporation (KSBC) conducted the trial of its mobile app on earlier this week and is gearing for public launch on Thursday. The Bev Q mobile app and Beverages Corporation have been the most searched for Malayalees since the news that an app launched by the Kerala State Beverages Corporation (Bev Q) would be made available to the public. With the launch of the mobile app , Google’s search for the keyword ‘ Bevq app ‘ has increased by 3,300% in just one day. Kerala BevQ mobile app download, Bev q mobile app, Bevq mobile app play store, BevQ SMS Token Booking,Bevco Virtual Q App,BEVQ App, BevQ Online liquor booking. Bevco App. The government of Kerala has now released a special app for the booking of liquor through online. This BEVQ app is used for the b

Stay up to date on all the latest Kerala news with The New Indian Express App. Download now TAGS Beverages Beverages Corporation google playstore lockdown Bevco Kerala BEVCO Kerala BEVQ App Download APK Link from Play Store (New Version Released) & App Store, SMS Number Format Here: Kerala State Beverages Corporation(BEVCO) Limited has announced the BEV Q mobile app for online liquor queue token purchase. The main objective of this beverages app is to sell drinks in Kerala state, Interested Malayalees can order online through the SMS and BEVCO App APK. Bevco Price List Kerala 2020 : BevQ Bevco App Token Opening Date, Price List, Website News – Latest Price List of Beer, Whisky, Brandy, Wine, Vodka, Rum, Champagne. BEVCO Online Booking Token, BevQ App Download, Price List & Website News: The whole nation is in lock-down situation and but it isn’t determined that for a lot time the lock-down will stay within the nation. The Kerala State Beverage Corporation (KSBC) has began a brand new software that’s the BEV Q App. Read: Disinfect liquor outlets and warehouses: Kerala’s Bevco prepares for post-lockdown The app is in the final stages of testing now, says Faircode Chief Executive Officer Vishnu. Kerala Bevco App is an Android mobile application that is designed for Android mobile phone users. In the midst of Covid-19 lockdown, we can’t get out of our homes So this Application delivers the Liqueur of your choice at your Home from your Nearest Liquor Shops.

Despite reporting a lot complaints, the Kerala government has decided to continue with the BevQ app for sale of liquor in the state. BevQ is a mobile application launched by Beverages Corporation Ltd (BEVCO) on Thursday and aims to create a virtual queue by generating token numbers for liquor sales. Read: Kerala Bevco outlets to have token-based virtual queue system when they open The app has been developed by the Kochi-based company Faircode Technologies. “The security testing was done by. Bev Q എന്ന പേരിലാണ് ആപ്ലിക്കേഷൻ പൊതുജനങ്ങൾക്കു.Bevco. Bev Q. Liquor. Kerala Liquor Policy. Lockdown.Latest News. Malayalam News. Malayala Manorama. Manorama Online

(KSBC) Kerala BEVCO Online Booking Instructions. The Kerala Liquor Home Delivery App is available on KSBC Website i.e the Alcohol Lovers can download the Kerala BEVCO Online Booking App and start ordering Liquor. The App contains the details of Wine Shops Near me and all the Beverages today price, rate, and order list. Kerala BEVCO BevQ App Download {Link Released} for Liquor Shop Token Queue System Website, Booking Order Liquor by SMS Contact Number & Price List Here: The Kerala State Beverage Corporation (KSBC) was working on a virtual queue system to avoid the rush from liquor shop in the COVID-19 lockdown period.Kerala BEVCO Department developed a BEV Q App to provide time slots token for customers who.

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