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Mint is a free, safe, and simple budget tool. Track spending, investments, credit score and more. Learn more about the features Mint has to offer. Pros of the Mint Budget App. Especially after Intuit acquired Mint, the design and function of the app became pretty great. Fingerprint login is convenient, and the dashboard is the first thing you see. It lists your recent transactions, your accounts, upcoming bills, credit score, spending, and cash flow for the month.

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Both the Mint app and the YNAB app are full feature budgeting apps that can help you manage your money and understand your true expenses each month. I can’t say that Mint is better than YNAB or vice versa. The answer depends on your own financial situation and what you need the budgeting app to do.

Mint budgeting app features. Plus, Mint comes from the people who make TurboTax®, trusted by millions with sensitive data, and we participate in security scanning with VeriSign. SYNCS WITH THE MINT WEB APP Mint’s great on the go, but you can also use the desktop version at Sync your bank accounts, credit cards, budgeting, spending and more across your devices. Simple is more than a budgeting app, it is an online bank account that replaces your old checking account and has tons of useful budgeting features built-in. When your budget and your bank live in the same app, it is much easier to manage and keep everything under control because you only have one place to visit to view and manage your money. is an online personal finance tool that allows you to track your spending and helps you make a budget. Mint is a free service. If you want to use Mint, you must sync all of your financial.

Budgeting Free Credit Score Alerts. Intuitive features, powerful results. Mint is versatile enough to help anyone’s money make sense without much effort. There’s no wrong way to use it,. mobile app. Available for iOS and Android. Download Download How Mint Works I personally use both Mint and Personal Capital, and they are the top free money apps in my opinion. I still use YNAB for my day-to-day budgeting, but both Mint and Personal Capital have unique features that I really enjoy.. But which one gives you the most control of your finances, and which one truly is the best free money app available? Apple Card has a handy new feature. It now integrates partially with budgeting app Mint. You can see your Apple Card balance within the app, but not transaction data. Apple Card has quietly added limited integration with budgeting app Mint to its list of features. As noted by Reddit user.

Much to my surprise, it is not just a budgeting app or merely a way to view multiple bank accounts at one time — although those are both outstanding features. Mint actually is the one-stop financial dashboard it claims to be and, as a result, has been a tool I’ve used frequently. The online app is complemented by the free Mint mobile apps for iPad, iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile devices. Helpful personal finance tools such as budgeting, transaction tracking, categorization, and bill reminders make Mint ideal for many people, but the absence of an account reconciliation feature makes the app unusable for some. Yes. Mint is one of the best and most popular personal finance apps on the market. As mentioned earlier, it has a 4.7-star rating (out of 5) in the App Store. Is the Mint App Safe? Yes. Mint is safe to use. The app uses several advanced security features, including multi-factor authentication and TouchID for account access.

One of the most well-liked features among users is that the budgeting app automatically categorizes your transactions from linked credit and debit cards and will track them against a budget that’s customizable to your needs. Mint is an incredibly helpful tool because it keeps an eye on your finances, so you don’t have to. YNAB Special Features. YNAB is a straight-up budgeting app that doesn't offer many of the extra features commonly seen with other budgeting apps, but they do offer some interesting features. Let's start with the YNAB Referral Program. The program makes it possible to enjoy full use of the app without ever paying the monthly fee. Mint: Best budgeting app overall. Why it stands out: The Mint app is owned by Intuit, the financial software company that also owns TurboTax and Quickbooks. Link your bank accounts to Mint for the.

Mint Customer Reviews. Seeing all the features of the app is great, but do they actually work? Check out what actual users of the app have to say about Mint on Reddit. “Mint is great as a free dashboard. I can check it daily to make sure nothing weird is going on with my cash reserves/credit card spending and as a one-stop shop to keep an eye. Mint and YNAB each encourage you to set financial goals and pay off debt fast. YNAB vs. Mint: The Budgeting App Showdown. To compare YNAB vs. Mint effectively, you have to break them down by category. Budgeting methods. YNAB and Mint are both known for their ability to help users with budgeting, but they have two different ways of doing that. But it’s the budgeting feature where Mint shines the most.. The app pays a bonus of $1 for every $100 Albert Genius subscribers save over the course of a year, and a bonus of 25 cents for.

App features vary, but they often include income and spending breakdowns, transaction pattern data, and reports – all from a bird’s eye view. With that said, not all budgeting apps are created equally. Two top players in the budgeting app game are Mint and YNAB. Key Takeaways: Budgeting apps can enable you consolidate your banking, get a much more lively position in managing your revenue, and guide you towards accomplishing monetary ambitions. Mint delivers a huge selection of budgeting instruments like credit score rating monitoring and invoice tracking, going much beyond primary revenue management.

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