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In comparison, Global Entry is available at 43 domestic airports (including all but one of the Mobile Passport locations) and 15 international destinations. If your home airport (or preferred international gateway) doesn’t support Mobile Passport, then it won’t do you much good. In that case, I think getting Global Entry is a no-brainer. With Mobile Passport App no application is necessary. Just download the app • There is no application process to use Mobile Passport. • Mobile Passport App users, unlike Global Entry program members, aren’t automatically TSA PreCheck members. They must apply and pay the separate application fee to become PreCheck members.

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Global Entry (aviation), Nexus (northern land border), and Sentri (southern land border) are “Trusted Traveler” programs, requiring a background check, fee, and interview. Once approved, a kiosk is used for each U.S. arrival, then members proceed to the designated lane where they will hand a paper receipt to an officer, and keep walking. Mobile Passport …

Mobile passport app global entry. While New Yorkers are barred from enrolling in Global Entry, a lesser-known, free mobile app used by seasoned travelers is still in effect, allowing US and Canadian passport holders to bypass. Mobile Passport is an app-based solution that allows you to submit your information while you’re still on the plane, prior to arriving at customs and immigration. The basic version is free to. Instead of Global Entry, I use Mobile Passport, a free app authorized by Customs and Border Protection that lets you complete customs forms on phones.

Mobile Passport Control (MPC) is a new program to expedite the entry process into the United States for U.S. citizens and Canadian visitors. Moreover, to be in the MPC program you must have a Mobile Passport which is the first app authorized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection. In some airports, the Global Entry and Mobile Passport lines are combined. Since CBP officers just have to scan the barcode on your app, you rarely have to wait in line more than a few minutes. “Global Entry continues to be one of Customs and Border Protection’s most successful and popular programs, and Mobile Passport Control allows CBP to leverage today’s innovative technology to streamline the international air traveler’s experience through the United States arrivals process,” said Casey Owen Durst, CBP Director of Field.

The free Mobile Passport app is available for iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded from the app store. Unlike Global Entry, there is no lengthy application process, no interview appointment that requires a wait time of weeks or months, and no cost associated with it. The Free Mobile Passport App vs. $100 Global Entry. After paying the $100 fee for Global Entry, struggling to schedule an approval interview thanks to packed enrollment centers across the country. Do not use the Mobile Passport app and Global Entry interchangeably for the same inspection process. If you have both programs, wait until your arrival in inspection area so you can determine the shortest lane (which may vary depending on the port and time of day) and decide whether to make a submission on the Mobile Passport app at that time.

The Mobile Passport app speeds you through U.S. Customs and Border Protection at 30+ airports and cruise ports. Download Mobile Passport for iOS or Android. With the launch of Mobile Passport Plus at $14.99/year, which comes to $74.95 for the 5 years comparable to Global Entry membership, you now need to pay nearly as much as Global Entry just to have the app store your passport information for each trip. The free Mobile Passport app now requires you to manually enter your information for each trip. Mobile Passport Control streamlinesyour U.S. Customs and BorderProtection processing experience.Just fill out your profile and answerCBP’s questions – then go straight tothe “Mobile Passport Control” laneat the airport!WHAT IS MOBILE PASSPORT CONTROL?Mobile Passport Control (MPC) is the first process utilizing authorized apps to streamline a traveler’s arrival into the United

Mobile Passport enables U.S. and Canadian passport holders to save time during the entry process at most major U.S. airports and cruise ports! Securely submit your passport and customs declaration form and access designated lanes in the inspection area. *Now Available* Mobile Passport plus ($14.99/year or $4.99/month) provides even greater convenience with features to digitally scan and store. Mobile Passport is a great alternative to global entry, especially for families who only occasionally travel internationally, and is one of the best-kept secrets for saving time at the airport. Review: Using the Mobile Passport App. While the app is free to download, a premium version was offered beginning in 2019. When Mobile Passport Control option has was first introduced, I didn’t think there is as much value to having the Global Entry membership because the Mobile Passport app was a free alternative. Now that the Mobile Passport app charges you $15 per year to store your information it is almost the same price as Global Entry and it doesn’t.

Though per Mobile Passport’s website, “It is great to use both the ‘Trusted Traveler’ programs and the Mobile Passport app so you can choose the shortest line and breeze through Customs on. Within the lane for US citizens, there were signs indicating a separate line for Mobile Passport users — and I was the only person in it. While I zipped right up to the designated Mobile Passport agent, I glanced over at the Global Entry lane and noticed there were at least 10 people in line to use the machines.

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