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The most expensive pineapple ever sold from the Lost Gardens of Heligan was an unbelievable $15,000! #5. This ordinary-looking orange is in fact a Dekopon Citrus, thought to be the sweetest orange in the world, and these mandarins aren’t small — they’re the size of a softball. Regardless, a Densuke Watermelon has been known to go for as much as $6,000, which is a considerable sum for a single fruit to say the least. Lost Gardens of Heligan Pineapple – Up to $15,000. With that said, there are plenty of other places in the world that are producing expensive fruit as well.

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16. Red Delicious "A Fucking Atrocity" Most apple varieties are the product of happenstance and inbreeding, but no cultivar has been quite as petulant as the Red Delicious.

Most expensive apple fruit. So, just why are the crispy, delicious fruits so darn expensive right now? Dunn said that the price of the apple can be partially attributed to its success. It has officially out-appled all of the. While now the average price is $12,000 per melon, in 2008, two of them were sold for a hefty $30,000, making them the most expensive fruits in the world. Last update: January 2018. Tags: The watermelon's sweetness and nutritional value make it among the most preferred fruits. Apples. An apple a day keeps the doctor away, they say. Apple is the fourth most consumed fruit in the world with an annual consumption of approximately 84.63 million metric tons. Apples are not produced in most parts of the world.

The explanation for expensive juices may include the fruit juices that are costly in the market. It might be likewise conceivable that the apparatus which is utilized is expensive. There is also conceivable that juices have turned out to be prevalent in the most recent decade that caused an extreme change their cost. Best enjoyed: Raw, in fruit salad, or sauced. McIntosh apples typically collapse when baked. 3. Golden (or Yellow) Delicious. Considered an all-purpose apple, the Golden Delicious—along with Red Delicious—is the one most commonly found in 42-pound bags sold for five dollars at the grocery store. Facts first present 10 most expensive fruits in the world Number 1 Buddha shaped pairs these pairs can be found in China a farmer named zing Hangchow from the Hebei province is the one responsible for this fruit according to Chinese myth if you eat a magical Buddha shaped fruit you could become immortal to make the fruit he would grow the pears.

Next on our list are mangoes. If you're looking to splurge on expensive fruit, these ¥13,000 (US$116) melons are a good starting point, with higher end fare costing US$3,662 for a box of two. Interestingly enough, Japanese mangoes are considered premium fruits in Japan. Inside Japan's Most Insanely Expensive Fruit Parlor.. These apple were presumably watered with honey, angel piss, and the tears of Donald Trump. (Just kidding, but more on that below.) 3. Red Delicious: Another frequently mentioned ultra-healthy apple is arguably the most classic iteration of them all.Because no matter how you feel about its taste, when you think of an apple, you think Red Delicious. “Red Delicious is another excellent choice because the dark red skin is rich in anthocyanins [a type of antioxidant],” says Sarah Mirkin, a nutritionist and registered.

The most expensive apple in the world grows in the village of Trilistnik in Plovdiv. It costs 100,000 euros and will become the property of only one woman. Eating the World's Most Expensive Fruit in Tokyo Japan – Eat Stay Live You have probably heard that fruit is crazy expensive in Tokyo, right? There’s a lot of blogs and travel sites claiming that shopping for food, in particular fruit, in Tokyo co… One baby-faced pear sells for 8 US dollars, which makes it one of the most expensive fruits in the world. 9 – Sekai-ichi apple – Japan One Sekai-ichi apple weighs 1 kilo.

5. Cube-shaped Watermelon. This fruit is more popular in Japan also cultivated in this city according to report of BBC, the watermelons were founded in the 1980s by a farmer who lived on Shikoku in Zentsuji, Kagawa and declared as one of the most expensive fruit in the whole world. The five most expensive fruits in the world. Apr 08, 2019; Once upon a time, fresh fruit was a luxury. But, with the passage of time, fruits are getting less expensive by the day. The next five fruits are. however, a class of their own. They are the most expensive in the world. Except for a few, even the richest of the richest cannot afford the. The most expensive one ever sold was a whopping 17 pounds and went for $6,100 at an auction in 2008, making it the priciest watermelon in the world. (Photo: Flickr ) Sekai-ichi Apple

These apples are still most expensive fruit of the world. The meaning of “Sekai Ichi Apples” is world’s number one apples. This statement shows the pride of the people those cultivate these apples. But this statement is not just bragging these apples are the best apples of the world indeed. The circumference of each apple is 15 inches. A new variety of premium grapes, they are said to be one of the most expensive varieties of grapes in the world. In 2015, a bunch of these grapes was sold for 1.1 million yen (approximately $8,400.

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