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Offload Unused Apps Automatically. First, as mentioned, this is an iOS 11 feature so be sure your iPhone or iPad is up-to-date. When you’re ready, grab your device and head to Settings > General > iPhone Storage.Here, you can see the amount of free storage space currently available on your device, how it’s allocated by category and app, and a list of some space-saving recommendations. In that case, consider turning off the Offload Unused Apps feature. To do that, head over to iPhone/iPad Settings, tap iTunes and App Stores, and then turn off the switch next to Offload Unused Apps.

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Enable Offload Unused Apps. Open the Settings app and go to General>iTunes & App Store. Scroll to the very bottom and turn on the ‘Offload Unused Apps’ option. iOS will not delete i.e. offload the apps right away. So long as you have ample storage space on your device, no apps will be removed from it. The apps will only be removed when.

Offload unused apps how long. After trying out the “Offload App” feature, I finally get it. The Default Offload Unused Apps. To find the Offload feature: Open the Settings app; Go to General > iPhone Storage; Tap on the Enable button for Offload Unused Apps; Once this is enabled, it will automatically remove any apps whenever your iPhone or iPad is low on storage. New in iOS 11: offload unused apps. As opposed to deleting an app, which nukes its binary and data out of orbit, offloading ensures that app data, along with user settings and documents, remain on your device. An offloaded app can be easily reinstalled if it’s still available on App Store. If you own an Apple device, then you may be aware of a feature called Offload Unused Apps. It became available with the release of iOS version 11 a couple of years ago. iOS is the universal operating system that works on all Apple devices.

First, let’s get started with Automatic Offloading of apps. Offload Apps Automatically: Head over to your iPhone’s Settings. Scroll down and Stop only when you see iTunes & App Store. Tap on it. Next, scroll down to the bottom. You’ll see Offload Unused Apps. Turn it on. That’s it. Turn Offload Unused Apps on your Apple iPhone XR iOS 12.0 on or off Read help info You can set your phone to automatically remove apps you haven't used for a long time to free up phone memory. In the Recommendations section, tap on the Enable button for Offload Unused Apps. 5. Offload Unused Apps will have a green check mark indicating that the feature is enabled. You are done. Manually Offload Unused Apps on iPhone. You can also manually remove rarely-used apps on your iPhone, do these: 1. Open the Settings app from your phone’s.

And one such feature is Offload Unused Apps. To know What is Offloading and How to enable automatic Offloading of Unused Apps, you can read this article. In short, when you offload an app on iPhone, the app gets removed but all the data and documents related to that stays on your iPhone. The ability to offload apps from an iPhone or iPad offers an alternative method to save storage space on an iOS device, as offloading apps removes the app from the device while still preserving that apps related data. If you want to automatically offload unused apps, tap on the “Enable” button. When you see a green check mark, it means that the feature has been enabled. On the other hand, if you want to manually offload apps, look at the list of apps below the automatic offloading option. You will find that the apps are arranged in a descending order.

Offload Unused Apps can be used for any third party installed the application on the iOS device. For example, if you want to Offload Facebook then the only Facebook application would be removed from your device and all the data of Facebook application will still remain on the mobile phone. Turn Offload Unused Apps on or off. You can set your mobile phone to automatically remove apps you haven't used for a long time to free up phone memory. Toggle off the Offload Unused Apps control, if it is on.; Tap General > iPhone or (iPad) Storage to see the list of apps you can offload.; Tap on any app > Offload App.; Even after apps are.

Just in case, if you enabled offload unused apps option by mistake or if you want to revert back to the normal, here’s how you can disable the same. Step #1. Launch Settings App and scroll down to tap on iTunes & App Store. Step #2. Now Toggle OFF Offload Unused Apps option to disable it right away. The Offload Unused Apps setting is part of the App Store preferences. To disable this feature, go to Settings > iTunes & App Store . Then, tap the Offload Unused Apps slider button so it turns white. Which Apps can you Offload. The word ‘offload’ is the part where the app is being deleted from your device but it’s data remains there until you install it. The term unused in the phrase ‘offload unused app’ is the sort of apps that are offloaded if you enable this setting.

The Offload Unused Apps setting is basically a “master switch” that gives your iPhone control over which unused apps get offloaded. We don’t recommend enabling this feature because you don’t want to wind up in a situation where you need to use a specific app, but your iPhone automatically offloaded it. Question: Q: Offload Unused Apps. I've enabled the feature called "Automatically Offload Unused Apps" in Settings. My question is how long will it take before my iPhone offloads a rarely used app? Like will my iPhone wait for a month or so before offloading an app? More Less.

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