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1. Does the TV remote work OK, by pointing it at the TV, with the remote sensor unplugged? If it does see #3 below. If not: Given that the power and volume buttons are the 2 most used buttons on a remote then you need to prove that the TV remote is OK. You can test the remote by using a mobile phone's camera app or a digital camera . Solution 1: Relaunching the app. There is a bug with the Samsung TV where it sometimes does not load an ap properly. Therefore, in this step, we will be forcing the TV to try to reload the app while it is on the grey screen. For that: Grab your TV remote and launch the Youtube App.

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Samsung’s Televisions attracts consumers due to their magnificent Screens, easy to use interface, streaming app integration and Smart connectivity. However, quite recently a lot of reports have been coming in of the Television’s Remote Control not working except for the Power button. Samsung TV

Samsung tv remote app not working. The purpose is not to replace the original TV remote, but this app is handy in emergency situations (original remote is lost, empty batteries etc). It's ready to use (no need for pairing with the TV). If this app doesn't work with your phone or TV then feel free to e-mail me (your exact TV and phone model). Your TV and TV remote communicate with each other using infrared signals. If there are any objects between the sensors on the remote and the TV, infrared signals may be blocked. On most Samsung TVs the infrared sensor is on the the lower right hand side of the screen or the lower middle. Plug your TV back in and open Netflix. Sign out of Netflix. This tactic sounds easy but isn’t as straight forward. In order to sign out of Netflix, you’ll have to input the following sequence on your TV remote: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up.

With the Remote: For most people, the easiest way is to hold down the Power button on the Samsung TV remote until the TV turns off and on again. This should only take about 5 seconds. With the Plug: If you do not have the remote, unplug your TV from the wall outlet or surge protector, leave it unplugged for 30 seconds, and then plug it back in. It seems like when the WIFI module is not working, the TV seems to go into infinite wait for the freaking network to response.. Wouldn’t work with the remote or the app but once again the. If we connect to the network, we can use smart TV like Samsung to watch YouTube and other videos online. When you watch YouTube videos in Samsung smart TV, you might encounter the problem of YouTube not working on Samsung smart TV, which caused by a recent update to your TVs YouTube app, and the app has a cut off screen.Here are common problems and solutions on Samsung TV YouTube not working.

4. Universal TV Remote – ZaZa Remote. Yet another TV remote app that will let you control your television just from your smartphones using the devices having IR blaster hardware. The working of this remote is similar to all the above apps containing different sets of infrared codes for different functionality. Your TV and TV remote communicate with each other using infrared signals. If there are any objects between the sensors on the remote and the TV, infrared signals may be blocked. On most Samsung TVs the infrared sensor is on the the lower right hand side of the screen or the lower middle. This is to acknowledge that we have received your e-mail about your Samsung TV with model code UE40MU6470UXXU, and we understand that the Now TV app stopped working. We recommend to update the TV's software to version 1230.0 then perform the Smart Hub reset. Please try the troubleshooting steps below: 1.

‎Smart Remote for Samsung TV lets you control your Smart TV over the network and is compatible with all generations, starting from Series B all the way to Series N series and newer: – Samsung TV – B Series – released in 2009 – Samsung TV – C Series – released in 2010 – Samsung TV – D Series – release… If a particular app like YouTube or Netflix or Hulu is not working on the TV then the following fix can work. ⇒ Hit the Smart Hub button on your remote and go to the NetFlix app or for that instance any other app. I have tried resetting thesmart hub; Samsung remote assistance have tried; no success. Other, older, Samsung Smart TVs do not have a problem with this App, so presumably it is inherent in the pre-loaded Samsung software. Any suggestions ?

"Remote for Samsung TV" is a virtual remote control that lets you control your TV. The application is completely free. To use the remote, you must have your mobile / tablet on the same wifi network as your TV and you have to accept the message that appears on your TV. Because the application runs through the wireless network, it is not necessary to be near the TV. I have a Samsung Model UN55MU6300F Smart TV. Lately my Amazon Prime Video app has stopped working. I either get a perpetual loading symbol followed by an "Insufficient bandwith" message, or if I click a series I've been watching, it does not respond and will not play. I had to update my Amazon pass… HBO Max not working on Samsung TVs When HBO Max was launched, the company confirmed that the service will be accessible on select Samsung Smart TVs (from 2016 and onward). However, some users are reporting that their Samsung Smart TV which falls on the selected range isn’t able to access the HBO Max app.

The Disney App on a few selected Samsung smart TV models is reportedly not working, and a few users have taken to the online Samsung forum to get assistance on this urgent matter, and subsequently made Samsung aware of the problem.. One user reports, “After a couple of months of using the Disney App on my Samsung TV without issue, it recently stopped working. I've already tested multiple keyboards for the Youtube app in the Samsung Smart TV (MN : UE49MU6292) but it still doesnt work. The Youtube App seems to be the only one from all the TV apps that is incompatible with any wireless keyboard. Some of the keys like the arrows and 'enter' are working but n…

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