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As the results of Monday’s first 2020 presidential election contest in Iowa ground to a halt, all eyes turned toward a mysterious digital app developer with an equally opaque name: Shadow Inc. In a statement Tuesday, Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price chalked the caucus night chaos up to a "coding issue." "While the app was recording data accurately, it was reporting out only partial data," the statement read. Later in the day, Shadow confirmed as much on Twitter. But that's hardly the whole story.

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Shadow created a mobile app to help Democratic candidates manage voter data, but instead found itself under fire following problems at the Iowa Caucus.

Shadow app iowa. Shadow is based in Denver, Colorado, and describes itself as “an independent, for-profit technology company” that contracted with the Iowa Democratic party to build a caucus reporting mobile app. Shadow partnered with Acronym to develop the app to track and count voters at the Iowa caucus for the Democratic Party, according to reports Author: M. Corey Goldman Iowa caucuses Shadow app CEO says bug had 'catastrophic impact' The app delayed the Iowa caucus results, which are still being calculated, by more than a day

The Iowa Democratic Party and the Nevada Democratic Party retained Shadow to develop its caucus app. Shadow has also been retained for digital services by Buttigieg’s and Biden’s campaigns. The Iowa Democratic Party was introduced to Shadow through the state party in Nevada, which also planned to use an app made by the company for its caucuses, according to the same source. In the wake of the Iowa fiasco, the Nevada Democratic Party announced it would not use Shadow’s app for its caucuses, which are set for Feb. 22. Shadow, a tech developer started by veterans of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run, built the app being blamed for delaying Iowa Democratic caucus results.

Download the Shadow app for Windows, macOS, Android and Linux. Join now and access your Shadow gaming PC everywhere. Turn any screen into a high-end PC! Shadow is a gaming PC you stream through a simple app! Subscribe and get your remote high-end computer to play on any Windows laptop, Mac, Android tablet or phone. iowa caucuses. The divisive Democratic operative behind Shadow, the app that broke Iowa. Tara McGowan, a former Obama campaign aide who founded the digital-first Democratic outfit ACRONYM, was. Democratic Party officials kept the details of the app as well as Shadow's involvement hidden from the public ahead of the Iowa caucus.But as Monday night wore on and frustration with the delayed reporting of the caucus results boiled over, journalists began scrutinizing the new technology and its developer more closely.

The Iowa caucuses debacle drew a lot of attention to a new app made by a company called Shadow that was at the center of many technical failures of the evening. It’s also putting scrutiny on. State campaign finance records indicate the Iowa Democratic Party paid Shadow, a tech company that joined with Acronym last year, more than $60,000 for “website development” over two installments in November and December of last year. A Democratic source with knowledge of the process said those payments were for the app that caucus site. Accordingly, ACRONYM’s team was not involved in the development of the app or Shadow’s work with the Iowa Democratic Party on it,” Acronym spokesman Kyle Tharp said in a statement.

Shadow Inc., the tech company that worked with the Iowa Democratic Party to build a caucus reporting mobile app, explains what went wrong with the app, a failure that caused the party to delay. The faulty tabulation app, now being blamed for sending the Iowa Democratic caucus into complete chaos, has been linked to a firm called “SHADOW” and a Democratic non-profit known as “ACRONYM,” founded by former members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Iowa Democrats are blaming reporting inconsistencies and tabulation errors linked to coding problems inside […] "Shadow Inc"—a previously undisclosed caucus vendor Iowa's Democratic Party kept secret that supposedly created IA caucuses' app—is an appendage of "dark money" group ACRONYM & has "other.

A results reporting app by Shadow Inc. takes center stage at chaotic Iowa caucuses Brian Heater @bheater / 6 months American democracy can be confusing and messy. The faulty smartphone app behind the chaotic aftermath of Iowa’s Democratic caucuses was the work of a little-known company called Shadow Inc. that was founded by veterans of Hillary Clinton’s.

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