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I have a new Sonos Arc that I have connected into the ARC HDMI port on my Samsung Q60 TV. All apps on the TV itself can play in Atmos just fine. However Atmos is not passing through to the Arc from the Apple TV 4K. Is there a setup that will allow this to work? Is this even possible right now to… Apple 4K TV to Tv via HDMI input 2. RCA audio out from TV to Sonos Connect_named as a room * 3. Sonos Connect grouped to Sonos One_named as room (better setup is Sonos One x 2 as stereo pair) Pros This will allow any source connected to TV to play audio through Sonos One(s). Sonos One(s) can be upgrouped for music Cons

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Sonos is shipping the Dolby Atmos Arc soundbar, and with a living room in need of audio finesse, so we picked one up to put it to the test with our Apple TV 4K.

Sonos apple tv. Apple TV er ikke i stand til å finne Playbar, Playbase, eller Beam, så du må programmere Apple TV-fjernkontrollen manuelt hvis du vil bruke den til å styre Playbar, Playbase, eller Beam. Dette er imidlertid fort gjort. Før du begynner, pass på at Apple TV-en og Sonos-hjemmekinoproduktet er i synslinjen til Apple TV-ens fjernkontroll. My Sonos Playbar and Play:5s are the heart of my house's home audio system, so I was a little bit peeved to see the optical audio port drop from my Apple TV. The good news is, if you have an optical audio port on your television, your Apple TV apps and video can still take advantage of your Sonos system; if your television is older, you can use. If you use Apple TV and want to add it to your Sonos system, it's as easy as connecting a Sonos speaker to your TV. Your best bet is to use the Sonos Playbar, which is specifically designed to be used for a home theater set up, but we will also look at another potential workaround with the Sonos Play:5.

Sonos is adding support for Apple’s AirPlay 2 wireless audio standard to its speakers, making them far more versatile for anyone who prefers Apple Music (or just likes using Apple’s music app. I now get Dolby Atmos, from Apple TV through to the Sonos Arc. I even get Dolby vision to the TV with no issues. My connections are identical to those I had on the Samsung: Apple TV connected to the TV (brand new, fast HDMI cable from amazon basics), which is then connected to the Sonos via the Arc HDMI out. Apple TV 4K doesn’t work with Atmos and Sonos Arc at the moment. Supposedly after Sonos releases an upcoming multichannel LPCM update it will work. At the same time LG changed its recent firmware and so it doesn’t help with the Sonos Arc problem. I also don’t get sound on the internal speaker if Atmos is enabled on the Apple TV 4K.

On Apple TV 4K with tvOS 12, you can play sound in Dolby Atmos — an immersive sound experience that moves audio all around you in three-dimensional space.. To play movies and TV shows in Dolby Atmos from your Apple TV 4K, set up your home entertainment system for high-quality audio. Sonos One does support AirPlay 2 for Apple TV connectivity. Though Sonos One isn't designed for the TV, it is possible to use it with your TV if you have an Apple TV. Thanks to a little help from AirPlay 2, you can connect your Sonos One speaker with your Apple TV running tvOS 11.4 or higher. Because Sonos One comes equipped with two amplifiers. The Sonos Beam must get plugged in through an HDMI-ARC connection, which the Apple TV doesn't have, but most modern TVs do. HDMI-ARC (Audio Return Channel) is a special signal that is unique to TVs, and therefore gets a different label than a typical HDMI port.

The Sonos Beam is a compact soundbar with expandability that makes it a perfect companion for Apple users. AirPlay 2, Apple Music, and a big bag of tricks make this great sounding speaker a must-have. Setting up the Apple TV (4th generation) remote is a little different than your traditional remote. The Apple TV remote uses HDMI-CEC technology which allows the Apple TV to detect the television settings automatically. There is no way for the Apple TV to detect a Sonos home theater speaker using an optical connection, so you will need to program the Apple TV remote to control the speaker. La configuration de la télécommande Apple TV (4e génération) est légèrement différente de celle de votre télécommande traditionnelle. La télécommande Apple TV utilise la technologie HDMI-CEC, qui permet à l'Apple TV de détecter automatiquement les paramètres du téléviseur. L'Apple TV ne peut pas dét

Yes a good Apple TV app would be perfect! I love the new functions of the Apple TV and every time I've watched something or played a game I would love to switch to a Sonos app and start the music. Thanks to added support for AirPlay 2, Sonos One can connect to your Apple TV so you can hear audio anywhere your Sonos One is. Smart speaker: Sonos One ($199 at Amazon) The ultimate box: Apple TV 4K (From $179 at Amazon) Double the fun Sonos One Two-pack ($379 at Amazon) Surround Sound Sonos Surround Sound Entertainment System Set ($697 at Amazon) The Sonos Arc is connected to your TV via whichever port is labeled eARC. All other devices get connected to the other ports. Bruce. Like Quote. Apple TV to hdmi2 and hdmi4 to Ark- but not getting sound if I switch the source to hdmi4 eArk when streaming- something is amiss I believe.

Bij het bekijken van TV en Films via Apple TV waarbij het geluid wordt gestreamt via Airplay 2 naar mijn Sonos One valt regelmatig het geluid weg. wat k… From the Apple TV: The Sonos system will also play any audio generated by your Apple TV, so if you use the Music app on Apple TV you can hear the music on your Sonos system. From any Apple device: You can use AirPlay to stream audio content from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

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