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SPOTIFY down reports are surging in right now with the app crashing and not working for thousands of iPhone iOS users around the world. Here is the Spotify status latest. Spotify Version: . I was having the same problem, where the app was crashing every time I would open it. I tried restarting and re-installing the app several times, but it just kept crashing. During my research online, I found that someone had rest their network settings and seemed to correct the problem for them, so I gave that a try.


Spotify app keeps crashing or won’t load on some of the iPhone 11 series device users either due to the iOS software bug or due to pending app updates or any software glitch. Meanwhile, some of the iPhone users can’t log in to the Spotify account as well via an application.

Spotify app crashing ios. I am running 5.0; haven't updated to latest ios yet, but as I have said, touch wood, app isn't crashing any more for me. I was on the verge of cancelling my premium subscription until the latest update was released and so can completely understand everyone's frustrations. Spotify is not working on iOS, according to thousands of users. When attempting to open the Spotify app on an iPhone, it immediately crashes. The problem is not resolved by deleting the app and. While I can open the Facebook app on my iPhone, a ton of other apps and games crash as soon as I tap on the icon, including Spotify, TikTok, Booksy, Venmo, Mario Kart Tour, Arena of Valor, and.

And one joked: "*app crashes* Me checking Twitter to see if anyone else experiencing the same. Spotify down." Spotify has now tweeted to confirm the outage is now over, although the reason for it. it happened when I had IOS 12 and 13.5 so it's probably not related to that matter. when I download the app it works, until it's closed for the first time, then it crashes in its second launch. I tried to close the app and open it, clean cache, update iOS and Spotify version, re-downloading and installing.. nothing works. A number of popular apps including TikTok, Tinder, Spotify, and Pinterest are crashing on iOS devices. The cause of the problem is not yet known but early reports suggest it’s because of an.

Several popular iOS apps experienced crashes on Friday morning, including Spotify, Waze, Tinder and Pinterest. Problems persisted for roughly two hours, though the apps for Apple's mobile. Many popular iOS apps were crashing Wednesday evening, according to multiple reports on Twitter and user reports on Downdetector, and the issue seems to have been a problem with a Facebook SDK. Solution 1. Reinstall the Spotify App to Fix Spotify App Keeps Crashing. If you have been using the older version of Spotify app when it starts to crash, it is may not be compatible with the iOS, especially when you have updated the iOS to the latest version. Besides, older versions of Spotify app may have some bugs, which might get fixed in.

Spotify is one of numerous popular apps that are crashing on Apple's iOS operating system, and reports point to Facebook as the reason for the outages. App outage tracker tracked. Spotify added a new option to the Android app in its latest update: Spotify Connect in background, which is located under devices. Whenever I'd have music playing on my Sonos through Spotify, the Android 'notification widget' would be continuously out of sync and sometimes simply not work. Nope, it’s not just you: a bunch of your favorite apps are crashing on iOS — and it seems Facebook is to blame. A swathe of popular services, including Spotify, Pinterest, Twitter, Viber.

Spotify App Keeps Crashing | How to fix Here is a list of troubleshooting tips to follow in order to get the Spotify app to stop crashing: Close the app fully and then reopen it. iOS 12.4 . upon updating the app on my phone the app now keeps crashing every time I try to skip songs. I have tried turning off the phone, updating the app, deleting the app and reloading. The app seems to work ok until I import a playlist from Apple Music. iOS 12.1.2 . My Question or Issue. Spotify keeps crashing on my iPhone 6s over the past couple days. It usually crashes when I switch to a different song/album/playlist… I click on a track to start playing it and the app completely freezes.

Spotify's iOS app is crashing. Top coverage. The Verge. Spotify, Pinterest, Tinder, and many other iOS apps are crashing again due to a Facebook issue. A number of popular apps including TikTok, Tinder, Spotify, and Pinterest are crashing on iOS devices. The cause of the problem is not yet known but early. We found the Spotify app didn't load and instead showed the Spotify logo before crashing. In our tests, we found the service still worked fine on a variety of Android devices, and the desktop apps.

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