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The advent of smart phones have changed the way a lot of things are done, and casual stargazing is at the forefront of these developments. Below then, is our pick of the Top 10 Free Stargazing Apps for iOS or Android devices that covers most aspects of casual stargazing. The best stargazing apps for iPhone. Whether you're an amateur astronomer, or simply enjoy looking up at the night sky and gazing at the stars, then check out our list of the best stargazing apps for the iPhone.

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Astronomy apps let you stargaze at home without a telescope or expensive equipment. Here's a helpful roundup of the best astronomy apps for iOS and Android.

Stargazing apps for iphone. Top 5 Best Free Astronomy Apps for iPhone & Android. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share via E-mail More share options Share on Pinterest Share on Flipboard Share on Reddit Share on WhatsApp. Apps for Stargazing.. SkyView is a bit different from the other apps listed here because it uses the iPhone's camera as its viewfinder. In other words, you can hold your phone up and see stars. Star Walk 2 is a stargazing app with a beautiful, crisp UI. It offers a variety of camera modes: free roam, scroll/manual, and augmented reality.

Astronomy Apps for Stargazing. Whether you use these resources to assist you in stargazing at the cottage, or a quick observation session with your telescope, these astronomy apps can improve your overall experience. They can help you better prepare for the weather, and find out when key astronomical events are taking place. Key Uses: Here are the five best stargazing apps for iPhone and Android. Augmented reality stargazing, as seen in the Star Walk 2 app. Star Walk 2. $2.99, iOS & Android There are tons of stargazing apps on the App Store, but not all of them are decent enough to satiate your love for anything heavenly. If you’ve been looking for the best stargazing apps for your iPhone but don’t seem to find the right one, look no further. Here are 5 of the best stargazing apps you’ll ever need: 1. Sky Guide

7 best stargazing apps for spotting constellations in the night sky. Here are the best star map apps to help you spot planets, stars and constellations. Searching for the best iPhone apps apps to help you explore and learn about the night sky? There are lots of astronomy apps in the App Store and while all of them can tell you about different stars, some of them go far beyond. From beautifully designed animations to information not only on stars, but planets and satellites too, there's a lot to discover right over your head. Best stargazing apps for iPhone and iPad Prepare for the biggest cosmic events of the year with these stargazing apps. Lory Gil. 21 Aug 2017 0 There's been a lot of buzz around the water cooler about events happening in the sky above. Whether you're looking for a meteor shower, searching the night sky for a comet, or getting the low-down on.

“Star Walk is the best stargazing application I have come across for the iPhone. Many of the features found within the application cannot be found in any others! This is one of the best developed and executed applications I have seen to hit the app store.” – iMore Here are our top 6 picks for astronomy apps (that are free)! 1. SkyView Lite SkyView allows users to point their device to the sky and instantly identify stars, constellations, and satellites. The app provides endless information on the world above and even provides notifications for upcoming stargazing events. 2. Star Walk 2 Ads+ Best Stargazing Apps for iPhone/iPad iOS 1. Solar Walk 2. This app is primarily focused on the planets that comprise our solar system, and it empowers the user to go on a planet-hopping adventure if they so choose. It features smart visuals, but at times it can get a little trigger-happy with the zoom feature.

But, what separates the app from others is its strong community that suggests great stargazing locations across the globe. On top of that, it also checks weather conditions for the coming night, so you know if it is a night worth staying up for stargazing. 4. DSO Planner Plus. Platform: Android Price: $14.99 The best stargazing apps can bring the wonders of the night sky down to earth and put them right into the palm of your hands. Whether its mobile star maps or astronomy aids, a good stargazing app. As far as stargazing apps go, this one is pretty expensive — it costs $9 — but it comes with a library of 100,000 stars, 10,000 deep-sky objects, and thousands of other celestial objects.

Stargazing needs a clear night for the best viewing experience. This may not be the case always. Also, owing to pollution, a clear night is no promise of a clear sky. There is help through technology though. Here's a look at a few iPhone stargazing apps, to assist you in such scenarios. Despite the information you can get from these stargazing apps, at the end of the night, all we want is to gaze at stars. This app comes with a community that suggests great stargazing locations across the world. On top of that, it also checks weather conditions for the coming night so you know if it is a night worth staying up for stargazing.

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