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Tally offers the world’s first automated debt manager using the tally debt management app that makes it simple and easy to save money. With a line of credit, they manage payments on your behalf enabling you to pay down your balances and organize your credit cards. How Tally Pays Your Credit Card Debt.. We identified common trends among Tally reviews in the iTunes and Google Play stores. These trends help you see the common experiences of actual users who applied for Tally lines of credit.. Buggy Android app: Tally’s average rating among Android users is significantly lower than iPhone users.

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What is the Tally app? Founded in 2015 by Jason Brown and Jasper Platz, Tally is a debt automation app that helps users manage several credit cards in one place. The goal is to help simplify debt management and make the repayment process easier. Tally users also get access to Tally Advisor, which the company calls the “robo advisor for your.

Tally debt app reviews. Tally – Four Stars. Tally has many positive user reviews listed on their web site: Wonderful! I’m so glad I started using this app to track my payments. Works wonder Made all my payments and saved my credit score from going down. It’s great to just pay your credit cards. What a piece of mind knowing I never have to worry about being late This app wants to make your credit cards cheaper so you can pay off debt faster Published Tue, Aug 28 2018 10:46 AM EDT Updated Tue, Aug 28 2018 10:47 AM EDT Kathleen Elkins @kathleen_elk Tally is an app-based debt manager that helps you consolidate your credit payments at a lower annual percentage rate (APR). Tally simplifies your monthly payments by establishing a line of credit.

Tally is the first fully automated debt manager for both iOs and Android.. Tally uses their algorithm to pay off your credit card debt in the most strategic way possible. This in turn eliminates the need for a PhD in finance in order to figure the best way to pay them off. Instead of trying to calculate when to pay off which card or which card to pay first, Tally does this for you. Tally is a mobile app (currently available for iPhone and Android) that manages the process of paying down your credit cards. It figures out which cards have the highest APRs and uses a Tally line of credit with a lower APR to help you save money and pay down your credit cards faster. Tally is a great app to help consolidare all my credit card debt. I pay less each month and it shows me excactly how long it will take to pay off my cards. The only downside for me is Tally can't seem to link with Capital One.

Tally is a great app to help consolidare all my credit card debt. I pay less each month and it shows me excactly how long it will take to pay off my cards. The only downside for me is Tally can't seem to link with Capital One. Tally’s debt payoff strategy uses the debt avalanche method. Over time, it will save you more money on interest payments than the debt snowball method will. Tally Line of Credit. The Tally Line of Credit is the heart of Tally. A line of credit is different from a personal loan. Tally (also known as Meet Tally) is an app designed to help consumers consolidate credit card debt in order to pay down debt faster. Tally extends a line of credit to those who are approved, which ranges from $2,000 to $20,000 with interest between 7.9% and 25.9% per year.

Tally Debt Product Reviews & Complaints. News & Humor. Debt Consolidation & Personal Loans. Psychic & Tarot. Infant Car Seats & Electric Toothbrushes. Simply Put: Tally is a debt management app that uses the debt stacking method to help users pay down their credit card debt and save money on interest. Tally extends a line of credit to approved users. When that line of credit has a lower interest rate than a user's credit cards, they save big. Managing debt is stressful. It means paying off interest, keeping track of ongoing payment due dates, and navigating financial jargon. Tally is an app that claims to aid with debt management, and.

Tally Reviews. In terms of reviews available in the public domain, Tally App has a reasonably good rating on Google Play of 4.1/5, which is based on more than 2,700+ reviews. Over at iTunes, the Tally App has a more favorable score of 4.5/5, which is based on 10,000+ reviews. Tally App: The Bottom Line Tally, an automated debt manager, aims to make it easier for those with credit card debt to pay down their debt faster and save money while doing it. The fintech company behind the Tally app, Tally Technologies, was founded by serial entrepreneurs Jason Brown and Jasper Platz. The app won’t save you money if you don’t already have credit. If you don’t currently have a credit line, Tally won’t be able to help you much since the app is designed to help you save money on late fees and interest. But you can still use it to conveniently pay off all your credit cards each month without missing a payment.

Tally spent years building the tech and banking infrastructure to support a secure, automated debt manager app and is licensed as a lender. There’s also the “safety net” aspect of Tally facilitating payments and saving you from late fees (since late fees can give banks a reason to raise your interest rate and cost you even more money over. Tally does help you figure out the optimal way to pay off credit card bills, but the app doesn't prevent you from using your cards to rack up more debt. Of course, you do have the power to stop.

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