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App review, not weather! We are asked to review the app – not the weather. As previous reviewers have remarked the weather here is nearly impossible to accurately forecast living on an island, but actually these guys do get it very very close most of the time. Don't blame the app or the weather forecasters, its the weather that changes! The App. Honestly the stock apple weather app is more useful than it right now and it absolutely pales in comparison to the new Accuweather app. This app is a shadow of its former self. Information. Seller Weather Underground, LLC Size 129.3 MB. Category Weather Compatibility. Requires iOS 12.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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IBM. One of the top weather apps for both iOS and Android, The Weather Channel app offers local hourly, daily and weekly forecasts, as well as a "Feels like" feature to let you know what to.

Weather app ios 14 not working. In iOS 12, Apple has included a somewhat hidden feature that lets you see the day's weather forecast on your iPhone's Lock Screen when you check it for the first time after waking up. Apple unveiled iOS 14 at WWDC 2020. Features and enhancements in iOS 14 include App Clips, Picture in Picture video mode, translation support in Siri, and widgets. Learn more about iOS 14. In fact, iOS 14 is so big right now that you might not have enough room to run it. If your device updates, but isn't running iOS 14 when it restarts, you'll need to free up some space on your.

The app automatically changes based on your current location and provides the current weather and hourly weather up to two days in advance. It can also handle forecasts up to 15 days in advance. Feel free to post (this is a wiki post) broken/not working/buggy apps in the iOS 14 beta Launch and Work Faster Internet 1Password AdGuard Pro Adobe Acrobat Reader Adobe Scan Affirm Affinity Designer Affinity Photo After Credits Afterpay Airbnb Alm. Brand Bank Amazon Alexa Amazon… With the Weather app in iOS, you can look up the weather by city name, postal or zip code, and airport code. You can also create a list of cities to track and arrange the cities in the order that you want. Use the Weather app. To open the app, tap it. To see weather conditions by the hour, swipe left to right under the day.

The weather app is not picking up my local weather.. Sep 14, 2016 1:48 PM in. in this IOS 10 , local weather in not working , but Siri it's show's me local weather. waiting to be happy?> ps. My contry is Kosovo. More Less. Sep 27, 2016 2:54 AM Reply Helpful (19) Thread reply – more options. A few days ago I noticed the weather not updating. When I click on my weather app, it says sync the fitbit mobile app to update. So I sync the app and it does not update. I checked my location services, I restarted my phone, I even restarted my fitbit. It won't let me uninstall and reinstall…. If it is a bug in iOS, you can report the bug officially to Apple by doing one of the following: Reporting via the Feedback Assistant app, found on beta OS versions. Using Apple's Bug Reporter site. In addition, please make sure nobody has posted this bug recently and it is not a common bug report. If it is, please delete your post.

iOS 14 Beta Problems and Bugs Discovered So Far. The Favorites widget is not a part of the beta. Certain HomeKit devices do not work properly with iOS 14 beta. Emails do not sync properly with the stock Mail app. One has to open the app and manually refresh to get new mails. Favorites do not show in the Phone app or in the FaceTime app. Solution #3: Enable Background App Refresh for Weather App. Let Weather app refresh its data in the background. It might help the app run smoothly. Open Settings app → General → Make sure Background App Refresh toggle is on and then turn on the switch next to Weather app. Then reboot your device. Once your iPhone has restarted, check out if. As promised, popular weather app Dark Sky ended support for Android and Wear OS over the weekend. Android Dark Sky users report that the app is no longer working and that it presents the user with.

CALL of Duty Mobile down reports are flooding in right now, with COD fans saying the iOS app is crashing, not working or not opening after the season 8 update release. The big additions to iOS 14. iOS 13 presented a number of new features with a few design changes, along with the addition of Shortcuts as a system app. Rumors were swirling that iOS 14 would be a minor iteration, and in some ways it was, but in other ways, it will revolutionize how you interact with your iPhone. Home Screen Widgets Watched the wwdc 2020 when iOS 14 was unveiled. It shows that Apple live clock can be set as a widget, let’s hope dev beta 3 will include this feature. 19-07-2020, 10:01 PM

No, no solution I'm afraid. I have reluctantly concluded that Apple's weather app no longer supports iOS 7.1.2. There is a weather app with an identical widget run by a Maria Carvalho in the Apple Store. If you try to download it, it demands at least iOS 8. The same applies to just about all of the other weather apps: iOS8 or 9 onwards An early version of Apple’s major iPhone software update, iOS 14, have been seeing an unexpected notification that Instagram is accessing their camera even when they’re not taking photos.. The iOS 14 update shows a green dot at the top of users’ screens when an app is accessing the camera or microphone.

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