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Mode gelap untuk WhatsApp Web sudah bisa kita dapatkan. Pengguna tidak perlu aneh karena butuh me-install beberapa aplikasi sebelum benar-benar menikmati dark mode pada WhatsApp. If you put dark mode on everything, you'd be delighted to know you can now enable the feature on WhatsApp web — on both Chrome and Firefox. Here's how.

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WhatsApp web Dark mode: How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp web on Chrome, Firefox Naveen Gupta. May 25, 2020 How To Do, Tips & Tricks. Whatsapp Dark mode is a very useful feature that will help you to protect your eyes from the blue light in the dark environment as you kno…

Whatsapp web dark mode chrome. Dark Mode WhatsApp Web Pada Chrome. Install Stylish extension yaitu extension yang dapat menerapkan tema untuk mengubah tampilan suatu website. Buka laman tema dan klik “Install Style” lalu tunggu tombol berubah menjadi “Style Installed”. Buka WhatsApp Web. Sekarang tampilan sudah berubah menjadi mode gelap. Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web (Google Chrome) 1. The first thing that you have to do is install the Stylus extension and a separate theme. 2. The official WhatsApp app for Android and iOS already got dark mode support. Now, it looks like the Dark Mode has landed on the web version as well. A few months ago, we shared an article on how to enable Dark Mode on the WhatsApp app, but that required users to make some modifications through the inspect element.

WhatsApp rolled out dark mode or dark theme on Android and iOS earlier this year. It has been working on improving dark mode as well. Dark mode is now available on WhatsApp Web and everyone can start using it. Similar to the dark theme on WhatsApp’s mobile apps, this one too has a dark gray background with lighter shades to highlight the text. The Facebook-owned platform recently rolled out Dark Theme for the mobile application but WhatsApp Web still awaits the dark mode. In the latest report, WABetaInfo said that the feature is under development but they have found a way by which WhatsApp users can enable the dark theme on the web interface. Tampilan mode gelap atau dark mode WhatsApp Web (The Next Web) Chrome. 1. Untuk mengaktifkan mode gelap WhatsApp Web, maka Anda memerlukan ekstensi stylus dan tema 2. Anda dapat mengunduh Stylus melalui Chrome Web Store, melalui tautan ini 3. Setelah dipasang, dapatkan tema dari sini kemudian klik 'install style' 4. Reload/refresh laman.

WhatsApp Web dark mode is now officially supported and there is a super simple way to enable it. If you use WhatsApp Web that probably means you're using the service on a laptop or a desktop, or. If you are experiencing any problems with this extension or have questions or suggestions for the developer, please fill out the form. Tidak ada cara lain untuk mengaktifkan dark/light mode di Google Chrome dan Firefox selain dengan men-download dan menginstall add-ons/ekstensi. Buka Google Chrome. Lalu download dan install ekstensi Dark Reader. Ekstensi ini akan membuat seluruh elemen dalam berbagai situs web menjadi gelap background-nya, dan terang teksnya. Dark Reader.

Would you like to have a Dark Theme on WhatsApp Web, but WhatsApp is too slow and you don’t even know if WhatsApp will ever implement it? Don’t worry, follow this guide to have an alternative Dark Theme solution!. If you didn’t do yet, install Google Chrome, one of the best browsers. If you prefer to use, for example, Mozilla Firefox, there is a solution for this browser too. Open WhatsApp on your phone; Tap Menu or Settings and select WhatsApp Web; Point your phone to this screen to capture the code WhatsApp is already working on a dark mode for the official app for Android and iOS, but until now, no word has been said on whether this update visual style would be coming to WhatsApp Web or not.

My WhatsApp PWA finally looks great and joins most of my other web-based apps in offering up a dark theme. It got me thinking about a dark mode switch for Chrome Unboxed, too. According to the good folks over at WABetaInfo, users who want to use dark mode on their desktop version of WhatsApp need to download an extension named Stylus. This is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera web browsers. Once this is installed, the WhatsApp Web window will appear in Dark Mode. Some desktop web browsers have started to introduce the option to convert any website to dark mode, but it can be a bit of a hit and miss affair. WhatsApp is getting not one, but two dark modes

Steps to enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Web. Follow the steps carefully to get the dark mode for WhatsApp Web. Download and install Stylus extension for Chrome browsers from the store. Extension to enable WhatsApp Web in dark mode. Now you can use your Whatsapp Web in Dark mode. With this simple extension you can activate or deactivate the dark mode when using Whatsapp Web, in a totally secure way.

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