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First Nomao Camera comes with the App Version of V4.0.1 which includes X-ray Feature, Effects for photos and videos, Filters for photos and videos and of course bugs free app. Second Nomao Camera App comes with the Version of V1.0.2 with almost same features like; Amazing effects in photos and videos, Apply various filters, See any hidden. This application is a prank fake X ray scanner to trick your friends that you have awesome phone app that can X-ray their body.How to use:1.Select…

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Conclusion: The Audrey X-Ray App lets you see through the clothes of the person if you are using the real version. This app can be used to blackmail someone which is not good. In my opinion,n they must have some option by which not every person can use it. Overall my Ratings for this app is 7.5/10.

X ray app real. Use your camera to create a real-time XRay like vision. The best XRay Camera application for Android! This app uses your camera to create a real-time XRay like vision. Looks like, feels like and sounds like a real XRay vision. Check out the video! This is totally different than all the other xray apps because this app actually uses your camera. Audreyar Xray app is the most famous android app. And it can bi remove clothes from the body and it is amazing facts but there are some limited apps can do this. Audrey Xray app is removing clothes from images and it is not remove clothes from the real body. If you want to scan and remove any clothes from real body you can try it your self. This is a Body Scanner (Prank) Real X-ray Camera Simulator for enjoyment not fact. The Body Scanner (Prank) Real X-ray Camera Simulator is a Fun App which makes idiot and fool your friend to show how they looks after scanning their body. Body Scanner (Prank) Real X-ray Camera Simulator let other think you to get someone picture put the camera in front of your friends and you can make fun with.

Please read and take into consideration Thanks y’all hope y’all doin well ️ ️ iterally one of these ratings with five stars do u actually think this app is real it’s not it doesn’t actually x ray your phone or device doesn’t have the things to take a x ray and if u think it does your crazy because it don’t otherwise we wouldn’t be paying for x rays we would just use our devices. X-Ray Camera is a free photography app for Android that allows users to seemingly capture photos through buildings. X-Ray Camera features an augmented-reality camera that makes it possible to take photos through buildings and walls by utilizing the GPS. It also has a virtual zoom feature that works up to a distance of 100 miles. X-Ray Body Scanner Simulator for iOS allows you to play your friends, telling them that your phone is equipped with an X-Ray capability. By choosing the right moment, you can make fun of your friends and improve their mood. Body Scanner app simulates the work of an X-ray machine. It allegedly catches bone tissue and shows it on the screen.

The only X-Ray Vision on the app store that can take pictures. Facebook profile pictures will never be boring with this APP!Top selling APP that… Camera X-Ray your hands, feet, chest, pelvis, knees & even your skull. Includes COMPASS directional sensor locking (iPhone 3GS exclusive). This is the world's first fully augmented virtual reality X-Ray CAMERA (with COMPASS directional sensor locking) that you can use to completely fool your friends into thinking your iPhone doubles as a full. The best X-ray Camera software! This app creates a real-time X-ray style vision. Looks like, feels like and sounds like a real X-ray vision. Check out the video! This is totally different than all.

Transform your phone into a X-ray scanner. This is not a real x ray scanner and does not provide true x-ray scanning functionality in any way. How to use: Please tilt your phone over the body part where you want the x ray image, like if you want X-Ray of legs, take a picture of it then the xray image will display.. Use the Real XRay Simulator app and you will catch sight of right through people. Download the app, aim the phone to a selected part of the body, scan and get a picture, X-ray is similar to the real one. Learn what the people looks like from the inside. Let your friends are jealous you possess the coolest phone. Imagine yourself in the role of. Unfortunately, X-Ray is not available for all Kindle books. It’s also currently English only. If X-Ray is not available for the book you are reading, the X-Ray button will be greyed out. But the good news is X-Ray works on the Kindle app for iPad and iPhone. So even if your Kindle is too old to use X-Ray, your smartphone will probably ok.

The answer is: Yes There are some real x ray app is working and very high quantity download available, where? let’s start talking about real and free xray apps. There are 3 very famous real xray apps are available on the internet and google play store that has lots of installations and reviews, here are 3 real x-ray apps. My elbow is hurting and this app is wasting my time it is 7:08pm I could sit down but when I saw this I tried it and it was a friken camera app so don’t download for injury’s pls go to the emergency room if something doesn’t feel right I’m just trying to protect u and save ur time pls never download it so pls save ur time and developers make a real x ray app now pls bring the apps for. Note: this is a Prank app only for fun. This one is a very entertaining app for x ray prank. Body Scanner Real x ray 2019 is Prank app by which you can let your friends, female or male play with your phone and see how you can scan them. So scan any Body to get x ray of Inner cloths. Do you really want to know the get Body X ray of clothes of any woman to get her body shape by finger print scanner?

An X-ray is a quick, painless test that produces images of the structures inside your body — particularly your bones. X-ray beams pass through your body, and they are absorbed in different amounts depending on the density of the material they pass through. Dense materials, such as bone and metal, show up as white on X-rays. Download Minecraft X-Ray for free. Minecraft X-Ray is a program whose primary purpose is to aid in finding valuable ores and resources inside a Minecraft world. This branch is based on code written by plusminus from the Minecraft forums.

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