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Step 2: Now scroll down below and under Non-Root downloads you’ll see the various files for different themes of the app. The one the the very top is the latest file: 13.12.60 (Updated on 4th April 2018). You can choose if you want the app to come with either the Black theme or the Dark theme (both of which comes with a toggable White theme) YouTube Vanced – Root. Thanks to dedicated developers in the XDA community, we can reach thousands of newfangled apps for Android. So YouTube Vanced is such an amazing offer comes with several remarkable features as a result of improved iYTBP application known a few years back. However, the app capable to offer you everything similar that injected by developers by blocking some movements that.

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Vanced MicroG is an auxiliary application that lets YouTube Vanced function normally. Since it acts as a complement, it does not appear in the application box like the rest of the apps. Since it acts as a complement, it does not appear in the application box like the rest of the apps.

Youtube vanced application not installed. YouTube Vanced Non-Root. Youtube Vanced is the best ever modified application for those who love to watch videos and so on devoid of further troubles. It is known as iYTBP with its initial release and that taken by team vanced, for further enrichment. Though it famed as a root-only app, you too can start deal even you are a non-root user. This is an Android based mobile application. YouTube Vanced was formerly known as iYTBP (injected YouTube Background Playback) developed by Master_T who is a Senior Developer to XDA – Developer Forums. He added all Xposed module features into original YouTube APK and developed iYTBP – injected YouTube Background Playback.. YouTube Vanced apk. However, YouTube Vanced app is different. You will note that it usually allows you to music on the background even if you have to minimize this application. As a result, you do not need to remain on the application to use it. Also, this app does not allow ads to interrupt you when watching different videos. Here, all the ads are normally blocked.

That’s why YouTube Vanced is not open source and yet it’s not available on the Google Play Store. For users who do not feel safe while using this app’s services, they can always decide to use apps like Turbo VPN or VPN Monster while live streaming videos. The most horrible thing is that few advertisements were showing in a short video. Also, it does not support background playback, download video offline use. Of course, Youtube Vanced can solve these problems. Now there is an app that perfectly solves the above problems: YouTube Vanced YouTube Vanced Key Features: – Built-in Adblocker YouTube Vanced is an alternative Youtube client that lets you listen to videos in the background, block ads, force resolutions, use the ‘repeat the video’ option and much more. All of that from an interface that’s identical to that of the original client.

YouTube Vanced APK; also know as iYTBP (injected YouTube Background Playback) formerly developed by Master_T, a senior contributor on XDA forums has discontinued the project and some other developers have taken that project and renamed it as "Vanced". Now the Team Vanced (@Razerman @ZaneZam @Laura almeida and @KevinX8) continuing it with official YouTube app updates. This application owns by its original developers. The images, logo, trademarks, and other elements are property of the corresponding owner of the YouTube Vanced . We do not store this application or distribute it from our server. We are merely creating a guide on how to run the YouTube Vanced on a PC. Can bypass the background playback with lucky patcher or modded apk, but can't remove the ads in YTM as far as I know. Stuck between paying / listening to ads on videos youtube will eventually delete, or playing from Vance without AA. I think Vanced also still downloads the video, which is a waste of data for some if you only want the audio.

FOR THE PEOPLE WITH THE OFFICIAL YOUTUBE STILL INSTALLED: Set the offcial Youtube to never open compatible links from settings. Then set Vanced to always open compatible links. FOR THE ONES THAT REMOVED/DISABLED THE OFFICIAL YOUTUBE: You just need to set Vanced to always open compatible link. WHEN OPENING YOUTUBE LINKS IN CHROME: Switch the. YouTube Vanced is a modded adfree Android YouTube client. Read the instructions Super duper advanced Blocking ads is better than blocking me The original YouTube application does not allow the users to zoom in the video while playing but with YouTube Vanced, users can zoom in the videos irrespective of the device being used There is an auto-repeat option available for the people who are hooked to some video and want to watch it again and again

Thus, paying YouTube to advertise their product or services. However, most people do not want it and just get annoyed when watching a video with ads. The solution for it is to use software such as YouTube Vanced for PC to block the ads so you’ll get a nice and clean video to watch. Unlike YouTube which does not allow us to listen to audio without its video, YouTube Vanced is different. It not only allows us to play audio without having to play the background video but it also helps us save our data. We can enjoy listening to music, podcasts or any other media content easily without video interruption. Description:Youtube Vanced is a great app that allows users to take advantage of advanced features that are not Google's standard YouTube app. In this mode, you can enjoy videos without ads and listen to music even when the screen is off or using another app.Also, Youtube Vanced is a compl

Check that the bug is actually a Vanced bug and doesn't happen in the original YouTube. Steps to do when reporting a bug Make sure you are being enough descriptive of the problem. Hope you Installed Youtube Vanced on your phone without any errors, if you face any problem you can leave your problem in the comments. Youtube Vanced App Features Following are the Features Youtube Vanced offer extra to the official Youtube App.

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