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The Zoom meeting app is not a safe platform for video conference, the government on Thursday said, issuing a set of guidelines for the safety of private users who "still would like to use Zoom for. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) has warned the Zoom app users that the video-conferencing application is not safe for usage. The video meeting app has become quite popular across the globe as more and more workers are now working from home during the lockdown period. Several other countries have also expressed concern about the security of the application.


CERT-In had warned that the app is prone to hacking and issued an advisory for both the users and the operators who use Zoom. (Reuters) Cautioning users of video conferencing platform Zoom that it is “not safe”, the Ministry of Home Affairs has, through its Cyber Coordination Centre, issued detailed guidelines on how to use the platform securely so that sensitive information is not leaked.

Zoom app not safe news. ‘Zoom app is not safe for private persons/entities’: MHA Earlier, CERT-in had stated that unguarded usage of the digital application can be vulnerable to cyber attacks, including leakage of. India said today Zoom is ‘not a safe platform’ and advised government employees to not use it for official work as the video conference service surges in popularity in many nations including. India News: NEW DELHI: Warning that ‘Zoom’ — a popular mode for holding meetings via video conferencing — was not a safe platform, the home ministry has put out a.

The March 30 note on the CERT-In website said, “Zoom is a popular videoconferencing platform. Insecure usage of the platform may allow cyber criminals to access sensitive information such as. Video conferencing app Zoom has been in the middle of a privacy storm in the past couple of weeks. Now, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued an advisory cautioning individuals on the safe usage of the app. According to advisory, MHA has deemed Zoom as an unsafe platform and it is asking individuals using the video conferencing app to adhere to certain security settings in a bid to safeguard. A report from Motherboard found Zoom sends data from users of its iOS app to Facebook for advertising purposes, even if the user does not have a Facebook account. Zoom changed some of its policies.

Zoom, the video-conferencing app that has seen a huge rise in downloads since quarantines were imposed around the world, is now being used by millions for work and social gatherings. 'Zoom Not Safe': Govt Bans Officials From Using Video Meet App The video meet app has also become a treasure trove for both ethical and not-ethical hackers who have zeroed in on the video. Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) says, 'Zoom is not a safe platform', issues advisory for those who want to use it. Zoom is an online video-conferencing application/software. {twitter:twitter.com.

The Union Home Ministry on Thursday issued an advisory saying videoconferencing app Zoom "is a not a safe platform". The advisory comes after the Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-IN) cautioned about cyber vulnerability in using the app, whose popularity has soured in India during coronavirus lockdown. Zoom told it: "Currently, it is not possible to enable E2E encryption for Zoom video meetings." This means Zoom can access the video and audio of meetings, it reported. Tribune News Service New Delhi, April 16. the government on Thursday issued an advisory saying the Zoom meeting app is “not a safe” platform for video conference and issued a set of.

Popular video meeting app Zoom has been in the news consistently over the past few weeks for multiple privacy issues. The latest advisory issued by the Government of India’s Cyber Coordination Center, or CyCord, suggests that individuals who may be using the Zoom app for personal usage or for official calls, should follow certain guidelines to make their video meetings safer. But it admitted to The Intercept that Zoom did not use E2EE for video calls. Zoom uses some encryption (known as transport encryption) but not the more secure end-to-end type. Zoom has been in the middle of a privacy storm lately with private companies and governmental agencies asking their employees to refrain from using the app. The latest governmental organisation to join this list was India's Ministry of Home Affairs, which issued a two-page long document cautioning users about the app's security issues.Now, Zoom has responded to MHA's circular saying that it.

Zoom is still safe to use in most cases. Despite all the bad news about Zoom,. "the attacker can view all emails that created with *@companyname.com in Zoom app in Company contacts so that. Zoom is "not safe", Indian officials have said. The government warned employees not to use the chat app, warning that it was an insecure platform. It is just the latest of a run of countries and.

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